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A milestone that made me cry...

Hi everybody!

When you work tirelessly for many years, things happen one after the other. Often we do not realize that they happen but it's more that we are the ones that made them happen. We are always so on the run and already thinking about what we have to do in the next 5 minutes that we don't realize the "today." If at some point we stopped to look, in retrospect, we would realize that our life is made up of small "milestones" that we are achieving daily and that's when we really become aware of the dimension of our work.

From my beginnings as an artist, my life was and is this company. I work tirelessly (as many of you do) to see the fruits of this labor and that is something that gives me so much satisfaction. Nothing compares to the love I feel when you comment on the blog, on my Facebook page, tweet or send me images of your creations. Nothing compares to seeing the happy faces when a collection comes out and you love the designs... 

And now, when I really think of it, it is the same as how I felt in the beginning: I LOVE the quilting world!

One of those little milestones was achieved today with the debut of the NEW Art Gallery Fabrics website for consumers. I swear to you that when I saw the new landing page last night I began to cry ... without stopping. I remembered so many things ... the joys and frustrations came to climactic end.

Over the last couple of months my team and I have labored over this website and I have to give so many thanks to ALL of them for their dedication... They took my dream and made it their own!

I can go on and on about all the cool features and inspirations that we put into this site but honestly I want you to explore them for yourselves. The site still has some work to be done but I couldn't hold it in any longer. So please my friends, go on and get inspired.

<3 Pat Bravo