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Snooping around...

So one of my favorite things to do (and part of my oh-so-awesome job) is to surf the web for uber cool stuff.... and uber cool is what I always find. I have learned so much from the many many blogs out there and it has also been a great insight into what is trending in the quilting world.

Now some inspire me to create, some touch my heart beyond words, some tell me great way to cope with my lil one and some add the "funny story" to my day.

Since they have brought me all kinds of emotions I would like to share them with you all and hear if they touch you in the same way they touched me. 

Here are some that I'd like to share with you...

First one is the blog In Color Order. Jeni was our February Sewing Room of the Month winner but also has a very popular blog about sewing, quilting and a cute pet bunny named George. Now, I love her whole blog because she is so creative and has sooo many fun projects plus makes the quilting world not so scray for newbies like me. One of the posts that I really loved was her post about "The Art of Choosing." The post is dedicated on how to build your stash, set up your projects, build color stories, etc. You can read that post by clicking here.

5407105833_197aeb44e4In Color Order

The other blog that I love to go to is Design Seeds. I use this site for color inspiration. It is a great guide for quilt planning, home decor color palettes and anything to do with color. I honestly get lost looking at all the different color combinations and the beautiful pictures that go along with it (plus it has a pin it button!)

 FloatingTones505Design Seeds

Lastly one of the blogs that I follow of a daily basis is Lil Blue Boo. This woman is AMAZING. I came across her site when someone tweeted about the video Ashley from Lil Blue Boo had made (see it here... "How to shave your head like a girl" .) Since then I have read and read and read on this brave woman's fight against the BIG C. She does it with grace, humor and pure JOY. Amongst all that she also finds ways to post the cutest tutorials and crafts. In a recent post she shows us how to make a t-shirt/memories quilt (here). She


Well ladies & gents this is a lil bit of what I find every day and I hope that you have fun going through them. I am very pleased to share this with you.

If you have a cool blog, funny blog or any blog that you would like for me to check out... send me the link. I love a good blog ;)

Happy sewing and blog-surfin,

Anais <3