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April's Sewing Room of the Month


This months sewing room post goes to Messy Jesse. I will say that the name does not fit this lovely and tidy sewing room. The room was completely remodeled into a sewing haven complete with a victorian fireplace and built in shelves. Read on below to see how she did it and what some of her favorite elements are. Messy Jessie we LOVE your space!

Our First Home: Craft room update

Well here it is, this is my new sewing room / studio for messy jesse. It's the perfect craft space, with lots of shelving and storage for my growing fabric collection. A new addition to this room is a wall-mounted TV over my desk yippee!

Messy jane 1

Wowee such a difference hey, It's so amazing what a lick of white paint can do! I haven't got my new scalloped blind or a light fitting in yet so it's not quite there but I couldn't resist giving you an update. I was lucky enough to already have the wall shelves there when we moved in so all they needed was a rough sanding and some fresh paint. The thread rack is handmade by a seller I found on Ebay. I also found a cute little place to hang my bunting :)

Messyjane 2

Messy jane 3

Note the victorian fireplace I painstakingly restored for DAYS! I haven't got a proper picture of it before I started on it annoyingly, but it was covered in a ultra thick layer of cream paint which I stripped down using nitro mors solution and a little metal scraper, hopefully won't have to do that again : I My trustee expedit holds my sewing books and my prized collection of Golden Hands encyclopedia's (mentioned in a previous post here). As well as lots of paper-crafting bits and bobs. The ladder shelves house an array of sewing notions, threads, trims and paper patterns. I'm still working on this part, I'd quite like to have more of these things on show but I'm not sure how to work this yet.

Messy jane 4

Messyjane 5

I've got a new desk by up-cycling the old kitchen counter-tops we ripped out downstairs. It's so sturdy, and a great neutral colour for the room. My old desk from IKEA bowed with the weight of my sewing machine so hoping this won't do the same?

Messyjane 6

Messyjane 7

Messy jane 8

 And the crowning glory... the fabric collection! I've arranged it with vintage sheets, curtains and pillowcases on the bottom four shelves and modern fabric on the two shelves above that, then fat quarters all arranged my colour, topped off with some larger yardage pieces including some beautiful linen I brought back from Turkey on a holiday this year (going to be turned into a couple of sofa cushions). Some CK fabric, and a stack of vintage embroidery bits and bobs I've been collecting from charity shops this year. 

Messy jane 9

Haha my scrap bucket! what a disaster it looks but it actually works quite well for me. I need my scraps relatively easy to get to and not too tidy where it takes me forever to tidy. Do you have any good scrap organising tips? though I'm hoping to clear a lot of it in the new year with some scrap-busting projects.
Messy jane 10

A shelf of my vintage sewing baskets and tins store less-frequently-used items, like press studs, zips, alphabet stickers, and button poppers. Hmm have I missed anything out, let's see: deer ornament collection over the mantelpiece, vintage Singer sewing machine and spools of bakers twine = my perfect studio.

Thank you so much Messy Jesse for submitting your sewing room. I love the white furniture and rugs with the pop of color being your accessories and fabrics. Your Etsy store is packed with handmade goodness and I am sure everyone loves seeing where the magic happens :)

Ladies and Gentlemen if you have a sewing space that you would like to share please email us at

Happy Sewing ladies :)