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Project Challenge 2012 - Challenge #4 - Saddle Bag
April's Sewing Room of the Month

And the winner of Challenge #3 is...

This months challenge really took a lot of you out of your comfort zones and pushed your limits. Some of you spent countless nights planning and sewing and slaving away for this challenge. Many waking up in cold sweats because of this table runner... well I would like to inform all of you... YOU DID A GREAT JOB!

The runners were fabulous! They show each one of your styles perfectly and we LOVE it. Now we can only choose 1 winner (and honestly we kick ourselves about that fact each time)..

But on with the show, the winner is........................


Brenda Fyles

*cheers and applause*

Brenda Fyles

Brenda you are the proud mommy of 10 yards of Art Gallery Fabrics!!!

You were not afraid to use color in this challenge and you got the most use out of the Pures as well. You played well with the geometric requirement in this challenge. That's a lot of sewing and piecing young lady!

You also won the public vote for this challenge. Great job!

Challenge # 4 is already in motion... so ladies make it work :)

Some of the other entries below: (in progress)

Congrats to all of you and a big THANK YOU for your ongoing support and participation!

<3 Anais