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Pat Bravo New Collections Fall 2012 Sneak Peek (part one)
Pat Bravo New Collections Fall 2012 Sneak Peek (part two)

Pat Bravo sits down with Create Kids Couture.

As a designer you often get the chance to work with passionate and extraordinary people. I got that chance when working with Shannon and Tiffany from Create Kids Couture. These ladies have the most passion I have seen in a long time from pattern makers.

Create Kids Couture specializes in creating patterns for kids that combine prints and color in a fun and creative way. I jumped at the chance to have a boutique create a line using our fabrics specifically for children. Shannon and Tiffany choose Poetica…. how poetic! *cheesy smile here*

But honestly we have LOVED the outcome. The pictures are the sweetest things you have ever seen. Take a look here.

So, without further delay, we introduce to you Shannon and Tiffany from Create Kids Couture..


1. Tell us a little bit about yourselves (who does what in the company)?

We are Tiffany and Shannon and we co-own Create Kids Couture. We are both stay-at-home-moms who have a passion for children's fashion. Tiffany has 3 children, two boys who are 7 and 5 and a girl who is 4. Shannon has 2 children, a boy who is 4 and a girl who is 3.
As far as responsibilities go, we try to split the work load equally. We both have our strengths which we tend to lean towards, like Shannon loves to do the networking and social media and Tiffany prefers to design new things constantly, but we both do end up doing everything even if only a little sometimes.

532091_390139444343841_216885938335860_1262293_469091704_nPenny's Patchwork Twirler in action! Headband by Shake-Up Snow Designs

2. How did you guys start out?

We met in 2008 and discovered we both had a love for sewing! We quickly bonded while teaching ourselves how to make clothes and accessories for our daughters. At that time we realized that while there were plenty of beautiful patterns out there, the niche for “over-the-top” children’s boutique patterns was lacking however we didn’t have the skills required to make patterns. We both opened up boutiques and remained friends continuing to work together occasionally and share new techniques we learned always! After years of requests from fans, we finally decided to share our unique, one-of-a-kind design with everyone by forming Create Kids Couture in July 2011. When we opened we had just 5 patterns and after really discovering our love for designing we quickly grew to have over 50 patterns in just 8 months.


3. What made you go into patterns for kids?

While we loved sewing boutique clothes for our customers, we really grew to have a passion for designing the new outfits every season. When we started, we honestly thought, "Oh we'll release a couple patterns for fun just to see what happens". We had no plans for CKC and absolutely NO idea that we would end up having the fan base we do! We love what we do though. We love trying to come up with new designs that haven't been created yet. However, our favorite part is that we are able to help so many people learn to sew. The boutique world can be very cut-throat and competitive; no one wants to share secrets. We want to break this stigma and teach people that there IS room for everyone and networking is powerful!


4. What is your ultimate goal?

 Our main goal is to just be a pattern company for children's clothing that people love, trust, and can really learn how to sew from. We are both self taught seamstresses and we want everyone to be able to learn to sew from home just as we did. While many people love the big paper pattern companies that can be found in stores nationwide, we were never really able to follow along because of the technical wording and lack of pictures. If we were able to finish it, the outfit was usually too big!  We have all of our patterns tested for ease of use and accurate sizing to prevent this. While we didn't create the concept of PDF patterns we do feel that we are learning how to perfect it for our customers. Our ultimate goal is too eventually be in stores where more people can learn about our easy-to-follow patterns and teach themselves to sew at home! How and when we get there is still up in the air and we're excited for the future!

542914_390139951010457_216885938335860_1262311_1273609117_n(look at the sass in those eyes)

5. What inspires you to create?

Our daughters are our main inspiration...obviously, lol. But our customers keep us motivated with their excitement and enthusiasm! There is nothing better than creating a new outfit, posting a picture online, and having your customers begging for the pattern! 


6. What is your fav pattern of all time?

Wow. This is a really hard question; it's kind of like choosing a favorite child! lol. Shannon's favorite pattern is Mia's Reverse Knot Twirly Dress and Helen's Maxi Dress. Tiffany's is our Peony's Sweetheart Bodice Maxi Dress we have coming out next week!


7. Whats the next step in your business?

We're not really sure! Our goal is to just keep pushing the envelope creating exciting designs that keep our customers wanting more and networking with whoever we can and see where it takes us! There are a lot of ideas we have and things we want to do, but its just a matter of figuring out HOW to do it all.

540045_390141287676990_216885938335860_1262352_1414176890_nVivian's Peasant Top with Attached Sash and Danielle's Cuffed Shorts. Headband by Shake-Up Snow Designs.

8. How often do you release patterns? I see that you ladies are constantly working on new patterns :)

Right now we average about 6-8 pattern releases a month. Did we mention we LOVE creating new designs? lol. We have so many ideas and designs that we want to create, we wish we could get them out faster sometimes.


9. What are the various avenues you use to sell them?

Well, the best place to buy our patterns is by instant download through our website: We just started working with creating exclusive patterns for them that they offer FREE on their website to everyone. Our first pattern was released on March 22nd and our next pattern will be available through them in May. We do also have free tutorials on our blog: Lastly, you can find us on other venues such as Etsy and various fabric shops online.


Collection used: Poetica by AGF in house

Pattens & dresses by: Create Kids Couture

Headband by Shake-Up Snow Designs

Photography by: Puddle Jumpers Photography

Aww Tiff and Shannon.. we really love you guys and are so happy with the way it all turned out. The pictures are amazing, the dresses are beautiful and the lil models are precious!

Fans like you are the reasons we do what we do! Big SMOOCH!

Well ladies please go over and check them out.. you won't be disappointed and tell `em Pat sent you :)


Pat & AGF team