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Become a... Summerlover!


Having designed many collections, people ask me if I have a favorite... and all I can say is "I love them all" because it's true. But there is a time, when you completely fall in love with one. You dream to see the designs finished, when you print the boards for the sales reps, when you first see the strike-offs, when you receive advance yardage... And then, dream about showing it to the public... This is what happened to me this time, that romance that I dream you can have with these designs! 

When I was developing the design concept behind Summerlove, the prints came to my mind at a lighting speed succession.  Each one was love at first sight...

So by now you all have seen the collection in sneak peeks and on-line images but today my Summerlove is making it official launching. Stores will be having it by next Tuesday... I'm really thrilled about it!!

This post is about the inspiration behind Summerlove. The images and video portray the overall youthfulness of this line.


I see this as a time when we all enjoy being a little more carefree and spontaneous, when we spend more time with family and let the kids run wild at the beach...


 .... revisit memories of lazy summer days and plan sun-filled vacations...


 ... remember first loves ....


Feeling happy... and free!


In our youth these were days when we got to stay up late and sleep on a scappy quilt at the beach....


And romance was in the air... 


Ahh to be young again...




 Mix and match the fabrics for your quilts and dresses...


My lovely girls at AGF have prepared this awesome and oh so fun! video that capture the essence of this collection so precious to me! Notice that they wanted to include me in a very short scene when we were filming, LOL 

Play it at full screen if you want a complete Summerlove experience.



I hope that this collection inspires you to create beautiful things for yourself and loved ones. Play with the mix of colors and dare to be more creative and more romantic... If you want to see more inspirational images and the inside scoop about this line, visit my Facebook page!

Enjoy next Summer with Summerlove!