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Indigo is here!

Poetica is now at your LQS!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Poetica is now at your LQS and waiting to be made into beautiful products!


That's right, we held tight onto this release so that you could run to the store after you saw these beautiful pic's and the super cute video for this AGF collecton.

This collection was inspired by two pictures that projected peacefulness and tranquility but with an undeniable quote of modernity. We really played with infusing music into the creation of Poetica and we think it truly shows. 

Fat Quarter Shopwill feature a Jolly Jabber interview and they asked us some questions about the creative process for Poetica. Below is an excerpt from that interview.

"If this collection had a scent what would it be?"

I think if this collection had a scent it would be a combination of a rose and lavender scent, infused with a eucalyptus and mint hint. They are lovely florals but with that exhilaration touch that open your senses!


We love this collection so much because it is so romantic, passionate and harmonious that we have gone crazy making products with this collection.

The Essential tote (pic above) features the main fabric as Serenade Daylight with accents in Spirited Verse Azure.

Below the famous headband (featured in February's Project Challenge 2012) used Delicate Duet Pink, Rhythmic Rose and Pures Quartz Pink and White Linen.


Below is the Verona bag. The main print it uses is Love Notes Citron with accent fabrics of Heartbeats Radiant. This combo works so well together.. Love at first sight??


I know you are all wondering what that music would sound like. Well here are some of the songs that were woven into the designs... the soundtrack if you will:

Rollerblades by Eliza Doolittle
My Moon, My Man by Feist
1 2 3 4 by Feist
Happy Up Here by Royksopp
My Love by The Bird and the Bee (featured in the video below)

And now the PREMIERE of our new video....where we present to you formally.... POETICA..


Do you all love Poetica as much as we do? If so please share... share us everywhere... and tell us what is your fav print...

As always, with much love..

Your AGF Team. XOXO