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The Big List of Thanks


Hi my awesome friends! Pat here. I just wanted to stick in here between posts to tell you about some lists I was making on my 50's + few days... 

Turning 50-ties unleashed a storm of emotions inside me. The other day I was excited and a little numbed by all the gifts, + congratulations, + Walter singing happy birthday every 15 minutes over my ear at the office! 

Now that I have a little more time to think back on it, came out to the surface of my consciousness a list: deep memories (some that made me happy again and others not so). Add some revelations (that as always bring that stir inside) about things that you believed in for so many years and then you realize.... well, you know that right?. And how about new aspirations? It turned out to be a big list...

On the other side, A BIG LIST OF THANKS that exceeded all of the ALL lists: to God, for helping me to walk my way in life and let me show it to others; for giving me everything (and more than that, He gives it to me Every Day); for letting me know so many wonderful people along this way...

There were many messages written for my 50th bday post... All I can say is WOW, THANKS TO YOU TOO!!! I am a true believer that gratitude is an attitude, and we always have to try to exercise it a bit more. It's inserted into that circle that people call planting and harvesting or....  give and you shall be given back. You were so sweet to be here on my big day! Having you, celebrating with me, made me so happy! All your love, support and friendship is very appriciated! I want to wish you all the best for 2012, all your hearts desire :) LOVE, PEACE and cheers to you my kindred spirits!

Love, Pat