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Challenge # 1 – Heat Therapy Pillow
We present to you.....

P.S. Project Challenge 2012 PRIZES!

Ooopsss, ooopsss, and more ooopsss.... Our apologies to you!


Well because we forgot to announce what the prizes for each of the monthly challenges will be as well as the FINAL GRAND PRIZE for the winner that completes the most projects and makes the most beautiful project of the year!!!!

Sooo.... here they are!

MONTHLY PRIZE: bundle of 10 half yards and a surprise gift!


(not actual bundle.. styles/collections will vary)


Grand Final Prize: A brand new, super cool .... BROTHER PROJECT RUNAWAY Limited Edition SEWING MACHINE! (or equivalent)

Brother_ce_5500prw-400-400(ohhhh.... ahhhhh.... LOVE IT.... MAKE IT WORK... lol)


XOXO, Pat