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P.S. Project Challenge 2012 PRIZES!

Challenge # 1 – Heat Therapy Pillow

Get those sewing machines out because the challenge is here…Projectchallenge_logoAfter a month of running around shopping, wrapping, decorating, partying and well overall living it up we decided that the first challenge should address this need. This therapy pillow is good for for relieving those sore and stiff muscles after the holiday season.

Heat the pack for 1 or 2 minutes in the microwave for a hot pack that will loosen up tight muscles, or place one in a plastic bag and toss it in the freezer to be used as a cold pack to relieve swelling.


  1. Join Facebook event to enter.
  2. Must use Art Gallery Fabrics (prints, blenders or solids, doesn't matter. We love them all! LOL).
  3. Must have minimum of 1 raw-edge applique shape (remember: KIS -not the last S because you're not!)
  4. Size doesn't matter in this case. Furthermore, if you feel Holiday exhausted like us, it's better to make many for all your aching muscles
  5. Must be creative (the more daring and bolder the better)


What you will need:

  1. Main Fabric: we used our Moorish Rug Aqua from the Bazaar Style Collection. 
  2. Accent Fabric (applique letter): we used Gems Ocean from the Bazaar Style Collection
  3. Muslin Fabric for the filler
  4. Double stick lightweight fusible applique interfacing


  • Basic: Rice, Beans, Buckwheat
  • Stimulate: Coffee beans
  • Aromatherapy: add aromatherapy oils to flax-seed and let dry before putting into bag. Another aaahhh.... choice is a few lavender dried flowers



Our Finished Product:


   (ohhhhh soooo soothing...)



   (notice the bag is not full and that will allow the pillow to conform to your body)


Tips: Do not over fill bag with filler. This will allow your bag to be molded and make it more comfortable.

Remember that this challenge runs throughout January.

Good luck and may your thread be strong and your machine be speedy!

Get set. Ready. Go!


XOXO, the AGF team