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It's showtime! (+ GIVEAWAY ALERT!)

Help me to help Project Linus!


A few days ago I put this picture on my Facebook page wall and I asked my fans what should I do with all these scraps. OMG! What soulful ideas you gave me! You filled my heart with love and emotion! God bless you! Most of them were related with charity, and some were the usual give away wishes (that I don't discard but will make later). 

I am very excited for the love thinking about all the charitable projects that could be made with these fabrics ... And I asked: Would you help me to sew quilts and donate them to charity? How about I send you the fabric and each one of us make one (me included)? Any ideas of who should we help? My son had cancer years ago and I'd love to help my local hospital, but I want to read your suggestions... All of you that are interested are welcome to participate, so drop me an email. After finishing, you can share some pictures here on my wall! So let me know your ideas!

The response was amazing. My inbox got many addresses! But... you know what? I need many more addresses!! That's why I'm writing this post. I need your collaboration!! 

The other question was who would be in more need of receiving them? The majority of responses were: Children!! 

Some ladies wrote Project LINUS. I knew them, but I was reading more carefully about this organization and I think we should help all these children that are in need. This "mission of love" is so precious and has touched the bottom of my heart even more.

So please help me and let's each one of us make a quilt! I think a throw size would be perfect, and the designs can be as simple or as complex as you want. Kids will love them all!! I'll be in contact with Stephanie who is the coordinator of the Miami Chapter, to arrange the delivery. Any advice from you on how to make this project better will be grately appreciated. 

Share, share, share! Tell your all your sewing quilting about it, post it in your FB wall, blog it!!! ALL YOUR HANDS ARE WELCOME :) Send me your US mailing addresses by email (at [email protected]) and I will start sending you fabric!

My heart is filled with much joy and my soul with much love... Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the emails you already sent me wanting to help. Hope to have many more!!


All my love, Pat