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Art Gallery Fabrics presents: BESPOKEN.

Hey, how was the weekend everyone?

I took some nice R&R, even though the constant rain didn't really allow me to do anything outdoorsy...but oh well, staying at home, cuddling up with a good book and spending quality time with the family and the dogs it's just what I needed. Alex took the time to replenish my IPhone with fresh new music, and I'm loving his tunes :) 

Well it's that time of the year again when Houston's Quilt Market is right around the corner and it's time to present to everyone what I've been up to all these months. Yeah. Nerve-racking. Still looking forward to it though! I LOVE Houston Quilt Market. But before I start talking about the new lines for the upcoming show, there's still stuff you haven't seen (I'm very behind in announcements). Like for example, Art Gallery's latest in-house collection: BESPOKEN.


Bespoken is a colorful fusion of vintage florals and retro prints with an English flair...


This is the FRESH COUTURE palette... all about turquoise, mint green and luscious purples... 


And the LUSH COUTURE palette... with gorgeous pinks and coral tones... what do you think?

And now, a bunch of products we've been making at the studio:



Gotta love some pillows!


And how about this throw? 



I ADORE this dress! I could totally see it on a runway, don't you think?


That's the GODDESS DRESS... possible pattern (?) maybe!


This dress is just so much fun. How do you feel about the solid ruffles??


The Essential Tote made with the Fashion Mood and Sequins prints...


And finally an uber-cute pin cushion!

So as you can see this is a pretty versatile collection, very bold in color and strong enough to make a statement with your stitchery... any ideas yet? Like to know, like to know!!! :)

Hope you like this collection as much as we at AGF do!

Bespoken is out now at your favorite local store and online yayyyy!