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Art Gallery Fabrics going Hollywood.

Hope the long weekend was great for everyone! I personally could finally catch up with some much needed rest (yay!). I also got some reaaally good news and I'd like to share them with you, to spread the joy, you know? :) 
Soooo... as you may or may not know, on Sunday Sept. 18th the Emmys take place. Is definitely one of my favorite award shows! There's always some unexpected super funny thing happening, right? (usually starred by Ashton Kutcher or Alec Baldwin lol) 
I recently found out that backstage, they give this super cool goodie bag to all the guests (or should I say "stars"?) filled with awesome free stuff. I know, everyone knows about it but I live in a bubble so I just found out...
So this incredible woman called Sarah Dube Legare has her own purse & other cute stuff business called EllieAnnaPurses , and her story is AWESOME; her business actually takes place at her LAUNDRY ROOM in Maine, and she got asked by the Emmys people to make something nice for the goodie bag!! Isn't that crazy? But this is the real crazy part; she's using Art Gallery Fabrics!!!! 
She's making these gorgeous "mini list takers" and is using this print & this print. Can you believe stars will be taking a little piece of Art Gallery Fabrics to their home? I mean, Dr.House could be touching my fabrics. I'm passing out with excitement! 
Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 3.11.41 PM
Picture by EllieAnnaPurses' Facebook.
But reading about it isn't as exciting as actually watching the story which made the news a couple of days ago! woohoo!
Watch it and tell me, what do you think? Are you liking those mini list takers? What would YOU do if you were asked to create something for a celebrity gift bag? I'd love to know. 
And ALL MY LOVE to Sarah who is in the middle of a sewing marathon! Thank you so much for choosing my fabrics, it's such a big honor and I feel a like an award winner too!
Stay tuned!