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My son's 22nd Birthday...

Not to brag about my son, but what can I say... he is the best. There are no words to express HOW MUCH I love him. Alex turned 22 last night and I still feel like he is a baby! Well... I guess all moms must think the same way of their children :)

Years have passed since Alex came into my world only to brighten it up. Having my kid has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Most moms say you start feeling unconditional and true love when you have your kid, and it is completely true!

Last night our family celebrated his B-day at our local Italian restaurant. Watching him order his dinner made me remember when he was little boy. I clearly remember when I had to feed him and make decisions for him. Now years has passed and he has changed into a successful independent individual that makes only good decisions.


My husband and I have raised him well, teaching him honesty, respect and values. Not without arguments and sometimes fights, but knowing that in a family lots of love and understanding make the most opposite positions come together. I know it has worked out so far. He is the sweetest “boy” there is in the world. We have passed obstacles in life and this helped him to be a stronger person. I know God has listened to my prayers all these years!

Alex: you only brought joy and love into my life :) I love you my “Little boy”