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Color Alert: New Pure Elements.

Hey! How was the weekend? Mine was pretty good, caught up with some much-needed rest, haha! 

Now, some of you may be familiar with my line of solids, PURE ELEMENTS. I'm reaaally excited about it and it's had amazing reception so I'm thinking, why stop? 

Last season I launched the line with 10 brand new colors, and now I've added 6 more to match my newest collections and whatever you have in your stash! 

Let me introduce them to you:


Parisian Blue. Well, the name says it all; let's just say, if you were going to Paris tomorrow, this is the tone of blue you should use to make your cocktail dress. 

Dark Citron: I really like this green cause it's so vibrant and easy to use! 

Tender Green: Very similar to what's known as "mint green", is definitely the color of the season. Trust me on this one guys! 


Ash: Grey just got better! A soft tone that goes really well with vibrant colors. Specially for modern projects!

Quartz Pink: Because there's no such as thing as "too much pink".

Caviar: To be quite honest I'm not much of a black kinda girl, but it is a classic! Now I kinda wanna make myself a little black dress. Don't you?

Hope you like my color choices, any favorites? Any color suggestions? Would love to hear!


Hope to hear from all of you!



ps. Download the full PDF here with all the pictures and more!

ps2. Like me on Facebook, giveaway still up and running!