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My son's 22nd Birthday...

Not to brag about my son, but what can I say... he is the best. There are no words to express HOW MUCH I love him. Alex turned 22 last night and I still feel like he is a baby! Well... I guess all moms must think the same way of their children :)

Years have passed since Alex came into my world only to brighten it up. Having my kid has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Most moms say you start feeling unconditional and true love when you have your kid, and it is completely true!

Last night our family celebrated his B-day at our local Italian restaurant. Watching him order his dinner made me remember when he was little boy. I clearly remember when I had to feed him and make decisions for him. Now years has passed and he has changed into a successful independent individual that makes only good decisions.


My husband and I have raised him well, teaching him honesty, respect and values. Not without arguments and sometimes fights, but knowing that in a family lots of love and understanding make the most opposite positions come together. I know it has worked out so far. He is the sweetest “boy” there is in the world. We have passed obstacles in life and this helped him to be a stronger person. I know God has listened to my prayers all these years!

Alex: you only brought joy and love into my life :) I love you my “Little boy”




Giveaway winners announced

"CONGRATULATIONS" to all three winners; Shakira Fesik, Morgan Johnson & Margaret Wright. I'm very excited to give out bits and pieces of my heart. I hope all three of you enjoy this gift. Be creative, have fun and don't forget to share. Winners Please send your contact info; address, full name & contact number to Love Pat Bravo MorganJohnsonGreen

Color Alert: New Pure Elements.

Hey! How was the weekend? Mine was pretty good, caught up with some much-needed rest, haha! 

Now, some of you may be familiar with my line of solids, PURE ELEMENTS. I'm reaaally excited about it and it's had amazing reception so I'm thinking, why stop? 

Last season I launched the line with 10 brand new colors, and now I've added 6 more to match my newest collections and whatever you have in your stash! 

Let me introduce them to you:


Parisian Blue. Well, the name says it all; let's just say, if you were going to Paris tomorrow, this is the tone of blue you should use to make your cocktail dress. 

Dark Citron: I really like this green cause it's so vibrant and easy to use! 

Tender Green: Very similar to what's known as "mint green", is definitely the color of the season. Trust me on this one guys! 


Ash: Grey just got better! A soft tone that goes really well with vibrant colors. Specially for modern projects!

Quartz Pink: Because there's no such as thing as "too much pink".

Caviar: To be quite honest I'm not much of a black kinda girl, but it is a classic! Now I kinda wanna make myself a little black dress. Don't you?

Hope you like my color choices, any favorites? Any color suggestions? Would love to hear!


Hope to hear from all of you!



ps. Download the full PDF here with all the pictures and more!

ps2. Like me on Facebook, giveaway still up and running! 

New Facebook Page + Giveaway

This week's been crazy with work but at the same time it was cool since it was super productive... I'm reaaally excited about the collections I'm working on right now even though they're giving me major headaches, hahaha! But it's cool, I'm used to it. The result is always worth it ;) 

I also used this week to prepare my own Facebook Page, Pat Bravo. Why? Cause I'd like to keep you updated with everything that goes down at my studio, my life, and also be able to offer you guys the chance to win cool prizes by only "liking" my page. As simple as that!

So, counting with the fact that almost every human being on this planet has a Facebook profile lol, I invite you all to take a look at my page and become a part of my life... don't be shy! 

And, if you "Like" my page, you'll be given the opportunity to take home one big fat juciy prize, learn all about it here.

Also receive the inside scoop on behind the scenes pics&videos, fabric collections sneak peeks, tips&tutorials and more!

See you guys there... hope you have an awesome weekend :)




All work and no play...

Makes me a dull girl. So that's why last night the girls & I headed out to Neiman Marcus where Fashion Night Out Miami was taking place. It's the second time they're holding the event here in Miami, but it was my first time! We were all freaking over "what to wear" haha! But I think we did pretty good; you tell me!

They are my awesome team at Art Gallery Fabrics! From left to right: Vicky, Laura, Kathy, Angie, and me! (you may recognize some of these lovely faces since they are AGF"s official models, haha). Some of the other girls that work with me couldn't make it ... :(

Welcome to Neiman Marcus Miami!

Apparently Laura and Kathy found the cocktails before anyone else... haha!

Etro (L)!!!! Yeah, i'll take one of each in my size, thanks.

And then it was showtime.

And the we decided to hit the stores and try everything on (hey, doesn't hurt to dream right?)

Me at Miu Miu dying over this gorgeous bag! It was hard to say goodbye to it... lol.

Each of us fell in love with a different pair of Versace sunglasses... we look cool or what?

Oh yeah, and did I mention free champagne? 

I wanna thank the girls for getting all dolled up and coming with me to Fashion Night Out! We had such a blast, and we're definitely doing this again next year!

Do you have events like this in your city? Or wish there were more?

Alright have a relaxing , fun-filled awesome weekend everyone!