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Who wants some Hyperreal Garden fabric?

Hyperreal Experience

It's that time of the year again when a new collection finally comes in! Months of work (or blood, sweat, tears, should I say?) finally translate into yards of soft beautiful fabric in which I just wanna wrap myself in (swear to God I don't really do that... unless nobody's watchin').

This time is Hyperreal Garden, a collection inspired by mysterious forests and surreal dreams... Think Alice in Wonderland meets Tim Burton meets Salvador Dali. Only with a lot more pink in it lol. Well maybe it's not that crazy! I guess this video will explain it better than me. Ladies and gents, this is Hyperreal Garden!

I recommend watching it full screen to live the full Hyperreal Experience ;)

I love how the prints work together in perfect harmony! Did you pick your favorites? 

HG will be hitting stores and online shops next week so you'll be able to put your hands on it soon!!!! 

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend, I'll leave you with some close-ups from the actual fabric as well as some products we've been making with it so you can start thinking about new projects...


Laura is wearing a short Boho dress made with the Op Art print. (Ok, how cool are her shoes??)

Do you recognize this bag? If you said "Capri", you're absolutely right.

This Maxi Dress in Lush Foliage is to die for!

This is a work-in-progress table runner we're making for the upcoming trunk show...

And finally the Milano Bag in the Euhporia right? (Ok. Still obsessed with the pink shoes!)

Any ideas already? Do tell! Click here to see the swatches for the entire collection!