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Brand New Oval Colors! (+ a surprise)

Hello! I wanna thank you for your warm welcome to Lucas, he appreciates ;)

Many of you are probably familiar with my blender line Oval Elements. I really like this blender cause it can be used to make something ultra-modern but it can also be paired up with some sumptuous floral and still look cool. Each season when I come up with new collections, I try to come up with Ovals that go with them, and this time is no exception!

Discover the 6 brand new Oval Elements colors in this cute little photoshoot the girls and I did the other day (so much fun. and SO much food. you'll see why!)

This is Blue Lagoon; perfect for prints from "Bespoken" (not formally introduced yet but coming soon, you have my word)


This is Emerald Coast; quite an unusual tone on green right? I made this one to match Hyperreal Garden to perfection. 


Juicy grape is a refereshing tone of purple that matches most prints in Bespoken and also some Hyperreal Garden ones...

This is also one of the Oval I'm most excited about! Mood Indigo, are you in the mood for a new blue?

Ok. Hope you're not looking at this picture on an empty stomach lol. Prune brown, a yummy it's-not-brown-but-it's-not-purple blender that's just delicious. 

And favorite: cookies n'cream! (my favorite to shoot too, I bet you agree), and I love love love it and hey, it's black and white, goes with everything! 

We actually shot ALL the Ovals, but I won't show the pictures unless you really really want to lol! They're quite a lot. 

Do you have a favorite already? I'd love to hear! 

You know what? If you tell me which one is your favorite, you'll take it home! And not only your favorite, you'll take home a half-yard bundle with ALL SIX COLORS! How about that??

I'll announce two winners on Sept.2nd... so hurry up!

Love and good luck to you all!


ps. click here to download a full PDF with the pics&more!