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Inspirational Booklets!

I came to this conclusion and let's see if you agree with me: there are two kinds of sewers and quilters in this world; the ones who spot a piece of fabric and already imagined 1,000 things to make with it, and the ones who love that piece of fabric but don't reaaally know what for! Are you like "I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT this fabric but... what do I actually do with it?" Did it ever happen to you? Believe me, you are not alone!

That's why at Quilt Market I introduced these things I like to call "INSPIRATIONAL BOOKLETS". They're this cute little boards filled with ideas for quilting, decor, fashion, and children projects! Cool right?

Here's a preview:


See? From a bib for your baby to an entire quilt!

Now if you find these kinda cool, here's the coolest part: you can actually download them to your computer! Just click here and you got your passport to a ton of fresh new ideas!

I really hope this is helpful to you guys when you need to give your creativity a little jumpstart ;)