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Bohemian Soul

I know I told you I would introduce my Bohemian Soul collection last week... I know, bad Pat :( It's just that Spring Market is around the corner and it's been super hectic around here! Between samples and boxes and bundles of fabric I could barely walk in these hallways, but hey, it's all worth it, because this show is going to be awesome, I'm so excited!

I must confess I just feel like blabbing it all out and tell you about the collections I'll be presenting at Market, but I gotta keep the surprise factor, right? Plus, you still haven't seen my latest collection: Bohemian Soul.

I particularly love the bohemian trend because it allows you to break the rules and dare to make unusual combinations of exotic prints; from bold florals to ethnic patterns to lace textures...anything goes! So when you're choosing your fabrics to make a quilt, a patchy bag or a sweet summer dress for your little girl ... you can never go wrong.

We had this fun little shoot for Bohemian Soul (which also made the ad for the Market guide)... Wanna see?


As you can see, we made a quilt using fabrics in both colorways, and a bunch of Lace Elements pillows to match...


Since the prints in Bohemian Soul are so intricate and eclectic, me and the girls thought it would be a cool idea to make a scrappy quilt using only Pure Elements solids, to give the ambiance a different texture... looks interesting right? Not to mention how easy it is to make...


The short dress or tunic you are seeing on Vanessa was made using my brand new DVD Video Sewing Pattern "The Boho Dress" in Tribal Terra. Lindsay from Hawthorne Threads made the same one to do a review of the pattern on her blog. She looks beautiful!




We also made some cute fabric yo-yos...


I feel that this line gives us freedom of expression (creatively speaking) that we love to have!


And The Capri Bag couldn't miss the party, of course...







And then we took it outside:






I love this fabric line and hope that sparks your imagination and dares you to be yourself!

You check out all the prints here.

If you're feeling bohemian already, you can go to my website and download the "Love and Freedom" free quilt pattern!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this collection, which is now at your favorite local shop and online!