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He gave me back 10 years of our life


A year or so ago this hard drive said: "That's it. I'm not working anymore". When I saw that blue screen on my computer my face went white as paper, and my jaw dropped down to the floor. In my Pictures folder, 10 years of our life as family and the first years of my career as a designer were erased in one second. Yes, you can tell me how stupid I was I didn't have any copies. I was really stupid not to protect such valuable thing!

Alex tried many times to recovered the information many months ago... and he could not do it. Crying for more than two days I took this picture of the drive with the idea that each time I saw it I could see inside it and remember...

A couple of weeks ago, one of the Art Gallery servers went down and my computer guy (aka Alex) was on the phone with another computer guy from the server's company trying to solve the problem, and he tried to run a new program to recover data on that drive he thought lost. After a few days and much battling, he showed me a new folder on his computer with the name "I COULD RECOVER ALL THE DATA OF YOUR DRIVE". Every picture and document was there again!! I was jumping up to the ceiling!! By a stroke of his genius, he gave me back 10 years of our life...

I am SO HAPPY that I made an album on Facebook with the name "Ten years of my life" and I dedicated to him. I posted some and I plan to post more... Here are some of them!

Barco-Lighthouse-Point-020_editedThe Bravo family and Pat's short hair version :)


Concierto Alex May 2003 017After a school concert where Alex played trumpet


My beloved Sheebo with not that much white hair on his face. He started with some problems with his vision... LOL


At my sister's 37th birthday party. She is beautiful, isn't she?

Andrea-044webAlex with his grandma and cousin Caroline in Argentina

Graduacion Alex 8 grade 5-2003 007Celebration after he graduated from elementary school! You can see how proud daddy is!!

Now I have 3 copies of all the pictures stored.

I can't stop looking at them. 

Thank you Alex. You made me so happy.





Spring Market 2011 Recap (plus a video!)

Hey all! Thank you for your comments on my showroom award, we really did work hard on it so it's cool to get the recognition.

Here at my studio we're still recovering from Salt Lake City Quilt Market...the pile of to-do stuff seems to grow bigger and bigger... but that's good news, right?

Anyways, my lovely girls Angie and Kathy took a zillion pictures from our booth, my showroom, and even in the middle of the sample spree madness! Check them out!


Yeah. We took a LOT of fabric!



After Sample Spree, it was SHOWTIME:


This was the Boho Dress wall... the DVD was playing and we had the dresses surrounded by these beautiful flowers made with all my blenders. Some ladies were asking about the flowers and how to make them, so I'm making a tutorial about them soon :)




And this is the Bazaar Style wall...



There was also the Coquette wall...




And just in case you were intrigued to see my award-winning showroom (lol), here it is:





 As some of you might be able to tell... it's featuring the Bohemian Soul collection!


The Capri Bag PDF pattern with the new fabrics


Putting this whole thing together was a whole lotta work, but hey, there was also time for a little play:


My lovely girls Kathy and Fab playing rockstars... it was funny until they made me do it!



Lovely Angie...


I love this paparazzi moment! LOL  

I also had the opportunity to meet and gossip with some awesome ladies:


Daria Muirhead from Boutique Cafe. She is the sweetest reporter!


She fell in love with the new Idea Books we were showing to customers!!


Daria and Megan. Thank you so much for the interview girls!


Say hello to Kate from BeeBolt! 


And the twins we all know and love, Kim and Kris! Actually, Kris is opening her very own quilt shop... isn't that cool? And the name is even cooler: My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe :)

And this is my awesome dream-team which I couldn't have done this without! 


I'll give you un update soon on what we presented at the show... I don't wanna have you spending the whole day reading this post ;)

If you wanna see the live action, check out the video! (click on the + sign on the lower right side of the video to see it full screen)


Enjoy your weekend, talk to you soon!



Home... sweet home!

Hi all!! I finally came back from Quilt Market. Oh... home, sweet home!! 

But I didn't come home alone; besides Walter, Alex and the girls, something very beautiful and that made me very proud accompanied me. 


I have tons of things to share with you... Stay tuned!





Getting ready for market...

You know I love your comments, so thank you so much for your positive feedback on Hyperreal Garden!

A little bit less than a week away for market and we are still sewing at the studio... All of the sewing machines and the girls have been working non-stop trying to keep up with all the ideas we've had for samples. 


With so much done, it seems like the girls and the chairs are all entangled with thread.


Here is a Verona Bag in the making with Bazaar Style...


Cutting patterns and more patterns...


And this one of the girls working on a dress I will be wearing... 


We tried to keep the rolls neat after sewing, but it seems that was impossible... 


It has been a busy month, but it's all well worth it!

I can't wait to share with you this Spring Market 2011. See you next week with a juicy recap and all the gossip!