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Giveaway winners!


Thank you sooo much for participating on the CAPRI BAG giveaway!

I read all your comments (and I mean, ALL!), and found the different opinions to be super interesting... I saw that many of you are a little reluctant to PDF patterns because of the whole "having to print it out in 8.5 by 11 and taping pieces together" thing, and I totally get you there! That's the main reason why I'm doing this on a CD with printed templates instead of downloadable (yes, it is instant gratification but it's not that instant if you have to go through the whole printing ordeal, right?) So I hope this format works for you!

And now on to the juicy stuff... THE WINNERS!

Screen shot 2011-04-27 at 4.32.48 PM
Screen shot 2011-04-27 at 6.09.20 PM

Congratulations Peach Rainbow and Nicki Davis, you are taking home the CAPRI BAG PATTERN! 

But not only that, I invite you to go to and choose your fabrics to make the bag; remember they are 3 fabrics, and they have to be from the Paradise, Coquette or Dreaming in French collection... I'm excited to see what you choose!

Once you're done you can e-mail me to [email protected] and tell me your chosen ones... after you finish the bag I'd love to get some feedback... (or at least some pictures, lol!)

I'll come later this week and give you the scoop on my newest fabric collection: BOHEMIAN SOUL...

Congrats to the winners and thank you all so much for entering!




Hey everyone! How are you starting this special weekend?

Hope the Easter Bunny hopped around your home and left you some yummy stuff... I remember when my little Alex used to run around looking for his chocolate eggs... Well, time went by and he is a bit too grown-up for egg hunting now, but there's no such thing as being too old to eat chocolate right? So yeah, I had my good dose of sweets this week ;)

Speaking of sweet, I've got some pretty sweet news for you: A NEW BAG PATTERN! Do you remember this mysterious bag I've been posting pictures of...?



Well the mystery is over! I introduce to you: THE CAPRI BAG.


The Capri Bag is a roomy, baggy shoulder tote perfect for carrying your everyday items. It can be worn as a reversible bag with exterior pockets, and it features convenient adjustable handles... I am so thrilled the way it came out!



So, what's so special about this pattern? It's the first of my patterns to be presented in a PDF format... but not the downloadable ones; the Capri Bag pattern consists of a CD with a 40-page PDF file filled with instructions supported by full color diagrams and step-by-step pictures.

Plus, the real-size printed paper templates are included! You don't have to print and tape pages together.

So basically, you pop in the CD to your computer and you're all set to start sewing!





 Who wants to give it a whirl? Well just leave me a comment about what you think about PDF patterns: yay or nay? What's your opinion on the PDF coming in a CD with the printed templates included as opposed to downloadable ones? Do you think PDF patterns will eventually replace the regular printed ones? And what do you like best? I think this could become an interesting debate!

For those who leave comments I will be entering your names in my magic hat for a giveaway, and 2 lucky winners will be receiving in the mail:

- A CAPRI BAG PATTERN (CD + printed paper templates)

- Plus THE FABRIC REQUIRED TO MAKE THE BAG -and you can choose the fabrics!

For the winners: after winning you can go to and choose three fabrics you want to use for your Capri (choose between Coquette, Paradise, or Dreaming in French)

I'll announce the winners next Wednesday April 27.

Sounds good? Leave you comments and good luck everyone!



It's finally here: the Boho Dress Pattern!

Hello! How you've been?

I'm doing pretty good myself, super excited reading all your comments about my new collection Coquette. Thanks so much! 

I'm also excited because my new Bohemian Soul fabric line is here and ready to ship to your favorite stores! Yay! I will formally introduce it to you all but not just yet...

Because now I have an important announcement to make that just cannot wait any longer.

Those who are familiar with my sewing patterns already know til this day it was only handbags and a little baby project here and there... 

Notice how I said "til this day"?

Well, you don't have to wait anymore; I finally want to share with you my very first CLOTHING PATTERN! It's called the BOHO DRESS and I couldn't be more thrilled about it.


There is a sewing trend that I perceive is growing bigger and bigger, and it's definitely planning to stay for a while... I also have been noticing that there are so many quilters that didn't sew at all in their lives but want to start now... The emails with requests I receive are more or less like these: Can you make a pattern that is simple to follow? or... Can you do an easy and forgiving dress pattern? What about a nice skirt that I can complete in an afternoon... without knowing how to sew!  WOW!! These are exciting news! 

So I sat down to think. I went through fashion magazines. I teared pages from those magazines. I put them up on my inspiration board. I sketched. And then sat down to think a little bit more. My desire was a dress that could be both functional and easy to sew, without losing its style...This is the result!

As you can see, there are two options to this dress: option A is a short, sleeveless sundress to wear alone or with leggings...



And option B has a longer hemline and features long tulip sleeves...



See? Totally different styles but all in one pattern!

But this is not all.

Lately I've been seeing this sewing trend specially among the younger crowd; it's really amazing to see how young these girls are, and I think it's great that they are dusting off their mom's sewing machines and learning how to make their own stuff. They want to learn. They want to do it. They want cool, quick and stylish. It is also exciting that quilt shops are really happy to see a newer generation visiting their stores and shopping!

So I thought, what would be the best way for them to learn? We all know there's nothing better than a class; having a real person by our side teaching us step by step how to follow the instructions and such is priceless! But not everyone has the time to attend classes; specially college students or young mommys, with their fast-paced lifestyle and crazy schedules, there's really little time to fit a sewing class in there.

Plus, we're talking about girls who didn't have the chance to take home economic classes like a lot of us did, so they might find themselves in the situation of buying a pattern, getting home, start reading, and be like... "WHAT??!! I don't understand!!"

Some of you may be reading this and nodding your head and be like"YES! THAT'S ME!", so I have great news for you: I'll be your teacher! I'll be with you step by step, explaining you all the basic terminology, telling and showing what to do (and what not to do), so you'll end up with a fabulous, error-free dress in no time!

Now some of you might be thinking... "Okay... so... exactly how are you planning to do that?"

Well the answer is: DVD! Yes, the Boho Dress pattern comes in a DVD format, in which you'll be able to follow me by playing it on your TV or computer, and watching me making both options of the dress, step by step, in real time.

How does that sound?




All throughout the DVD there are super detailed graphics, definitions, and close-ups to help you truly understand and learn how to make the dresses; plus, the DVD comes with the one sided, printed real size paper templates, so you just basically have to pop in the DVD, have your fabric, thread and sewing machine ready and you're good to go!


But enough about me talking about it! Here's a little preview of the video so you can get the feel of it...

Are you ready to make your Boho Dress? We started shipping the first orders yesterday. So, visit your local quilt shop, order online... and

See you in my sewing room!



Are you a COQUETTE?

Hi there! How's the spring going for you?

Here's not impossibly hot yet, but hot enough to start thinking about making some sundresses and beach totes... any new project ideas? I'm so glad to see you like my solids, and I hope that last post inspired you to make some modern pieces...

Remember the "One block. Three looks" post? I basically showed you how to give three completely different moods to the same quilt block (I chose a bear paw), using fabric from my newest collections...

I know some of you were already setting eyes on this block and wondering "mmm... what's that fabric?"  Well I have great news for you: the wait is over!

I'm proud to introduce Art Gallery's latest collection: COQUETTE.




Can you tell what Coquette is all about? Celebrating your femininity and just being un-apologetically girly and a total flirt!

Wrap yourself in liberty florals, delicate swirls and playful rings to add a vintage and romantic touch to your wardrobe or home...



The colors in the Powder Room palette are great for skirts, summer dresses and, I know what you're thinking: little girl dresses!




Some of you might be thinking "yeah... it's pretty, but I'm not a flirty girly kinda gal", and that's okay! You might be into cute florals but not so much into the whole pink, pastel color theme... So the Jewelry Box palette is the way to go!




How do you feel about this palette? I like it because you can create a romantic look but with an edgy punch of purple and lush cherry that make everything look brighter and bolder.




Aaaand, last but not least, this bag made with Pure Elements and a Coquette string (that's just a little detail but makes a big contrast)




Make the lining with the same fabric as the string and you'll have a cool reversible bag with exterior pockets...

By the way, are you by any chance wondering "Where's the pattern for that bag?"... All I can say is "closer than you think!"  ;)

How do you feel about a pattern presented in a 40-something-pages PDF file filled with detailed instructions, high-quality pictures and diagrams, and printed single-sided pattern pieces included? Sounds good?

Coquette is already available in your local quilt shop and online stores (just in case you needed an excuse to stash on more fabric, lol) Oh, and as soon as you get it, you can give this quilt pattern a try... it's free!

Happy sewing everyone!



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