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PURE color. PURE inspiration. (plus a Giveaway, yay!)
It's finally here: the Boho Dress Pattern!

Are you a COQUETTE?

Hi there! How's the spring going for you?

Here's not impossibly hot yet, but hot enough to start thinking about making some sundresses and beach totes... any new project ideas? I'm so glad to see you like my solids, and I hope that last post inspired you to make some modern pieces...

Remember the "One block. Three looks" post? I basically showed you how to give three completely different moods to the same quilt block (I chose a bear paw), using fabric from my newest collections...

I know some of you were already setting eyes on this block and wondering "mmm... what's that fabric?"  Well I have great news for you: the wait is over!

I'm proud to introduce Art Gallery's latest collection: COQUETTE.




Can you tell what Coquette is all about? Celebrating your femininity and just being un-apologetically girly and a total flirt!

Wrap yourself in liberty florals, delicate swirls and playful rings to add a vintage and romantic touch to your wardrobe or home...



The colors in the Powder Room palette are great for skirts, summer dresses and, I know what you're thinking: little girl dresses!




Some of you might be thinking "yeah... it's pretty, but I'm not a flirty girly kinda gal", and that's okay! You might be into cute florals but not so much into the whole pink, pastel color theme... So the Jewelry Box palette is the way to go!




How do you feel about this palette? I like it because you can create a romantic look but with an edgy punch of purple and lush cherry that make everything look brighter and bolder.




Aaaand, last but not least, this bag made with Pure Elements and a Coquette string (that's just a little detail but makes a big contrast)




Make the lining with the same fabric as the string and you'll have a cool reversible bag with exterior pockets...

By the way, are you by any chance wondering "Where's the pattern for that bag?"... All I can say is "closer than you think!"  ;)

How do you feel about a pattern presented in a 40-something-pages PDF file filled with detailed instructions, high-quality pictures and diagrams, and printed single-sided pattern pieces included? Sounds good?

Coquette is already available in your local quilt shop and online stores (just in case you needed an excuse to stash on more fabric, lol) Oh, and as soon as you get it, you can give this quilt pattern a try... it's free!

Happy sewing everyone!



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