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PURE color. PURE inspiration. (plus a Giveaway, yay!)


A couple of weeks ago, I introduced to you my  Pure Elements line, and I was so thrilled to see the great response it had! 

To be completely honest here, I was quite skeptical about making a solids collection, just because it is so different to what I was used to!... But then I saw the modern quilting trend getting bigger and bigger and I thought the solids available in the market were missing a few colors that would just brighten up the whole thing! And I thought, "Oh well, let's just go for it!"

So finally PURE ELEMENTS came to life... I know that working with solids is not the easiest thing... some of you print lovers (including myself!) may think "How do I make something look cool and interesting with no flowers, no dots, no stripes, no scrolls, no nothing?"

Well I think I can give you a few suggestions! I'm glad to share with you PURE INSPIRATION.







How do you like these? 

The dress is made with Cozumel Blue and the waistband is made with Ocean Gems from Bazaar Style! I love how it looks styled with the button up collar shirt... cute, right?

The pillow features all Pure Elements colors (except Linen White), and it is sooo easy to make... it totally lights up a room with white walls and modern furniture (you know that IKEA armchair you never knew how to bring to life?)

And why not a strippy quilt like the one in the photo? Add some thick hand-stitches in contrasting thread to give it a "handmade", more rustic look. 

So what else can you think of? Do you have PURE inspiration? 

Well you better be thinking about something because you can actually WIN a pretty juicy bundle of them!

Where? At the Burda Style blog.

What?  The winners are in for: one bundle of three 2-yard cuts (6 yards total) of fabric, in colors Cabernet, Cherry Lipgloss, and Festival Fuchsia, plus a box of matching thread spools from my thread palette or three 2-yard cuts (6 yards total) of fabric, in colors Cozumel Blue, Fresh Water and Light Citron, plus a box of matching thread spools from my palette.

When? Going on NOW, ending tomorrow! Hurry!

How? Just step by Burda Style's blog and leave a comment saying what would you  do with all this fabric! (piece of cake, right?)

So leave your comment and keep your fingers crossed... Best of luck to everyone!

I'll keep you posted on more projects and everything fabric-related!




Craving some sewing inspiration?

Hey! How's everyone?

I'm working like a mad person here, but sooo happy because I'm living and breathing fabrics!

I just wanted to give you all a quick shut out about my newest free projects I just added to my website... You know, just in case you were already starting your spring to-do project list...I chose the Dreaming in French collection and some Pure Elements solid colors for the projects. I believe some solid patches make the whole thing look more interesting and gives it a modern flair...

Feeling romantic? Then the PEONY and ROMANCE pillows are what you're looking for!

The PEONY pillow features a giant applique and a fabric flower in the center. Cute, right?



The ROMANCE has small applique flowers and decorative stitching... 


And if you are in a quilting kinda mood, you can go for the PARISIAN WINDOWS quilt; in the picture you can see the miniature version, but it is actually a 74"by 74" quilt featuring log cabin blocks (does it get any easier than that?)


And last (but certainly not least), we have the FRENCH BRAID table runner, with bright contrasting solids that make the table look super cool.  


Choose your favorite project and download the instructions for FREE from the links!

I promise I'll keep them coming!



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I can't believe how many days have passed since my last post; in some way I am so glad because I could taste, crumble and enjoy each and every comment you made about Sandy Toes and Quilted Daydreams Quilt. THANK YOU!

If you ask me how many posts I would like to write I would say many more!! The work here at my studio is so frantic that posts could be written one everyday to say the least. But you don't want me here writing all day long, do you? I couldn't be doing all the work I have ahead of me, like designing fabrics, quilts, writing new patterns, planning my new showroom for next Quilt Market, and blah, blah, blah... believe me, it never ends... Sweet! :)

There are some posts that I should have shared with you some time ago, but because "time is a tyrant"... So here it goes.

As I promised in this post, it's time for me to officially introduce to you one of my newest collections! 

I'm proud to present BAZAAR STYLE.


Think exotic florals and sumptuous medallions in lavish purples, gold and deep teal; perfect for elegant quilts and home decor items, or even a tunic with an eastern feel!

I must confess this has got to be one of my most favorite collections; when I designed it I felt transported to an exotic destination, swept away by the mysterious flair of the Moroccan streets and architecture.

So you may be thinking "Oh, it all sounds great, but how could I bring Moroccan flair into my everyday life?" Don't worry, here we've been making quite a few things that may have you running to your sewing machine. Beware: there are many pictures to enjoy!


Here's a maxi-dress we made using Mosaic in Cream. You can make a waistband in contrasting fabric (in this case we made two bands: one using Lace Elements in Plum and the other one using Gems in Terra), that will not only accentuate the waistline but also dress it up a bit more for a family event... or a date ;)






The perfect dress to kiss the winter goodbye, right?

And now some other fashion suggestions you may wanna incorporate to your closet!









Think simple pieces (like this dress), because the fabric speaks...


Or how about this modern tunic?



These maxi-skirts are so easy to sew and wear. Make them in warm or cool colors to expand your wardrobe possibilities!





I also made this handbag that has a very relaxed feeling to it and it's SUPER easy to make:




The handles are adjustable, you just tie a knot and you're good to go!


Love the pillows for the chair we made as part of a special shooting to show on my website very soon...





Check out all the prints here. They are hitting stores right now!

-If you are an online shopper, click on this link to buy

-If you enjoy driving to your local quilt shop, here is a list with stores nationwide that carry my fabrics

To start your sewing marathon, you can download a FREE quilt pattern I made for you: Sanctuary. You can see some of it on the third and fourth pictures above. Have fun!!

I hope you love this collection as much as I do. What other ideas can you think of to add some Moroccan flavor to your life? Waiting to read all the ideas you share with me...