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A Winter Fabric Wonderland. (and my gift to you)

If there's something my Holidays are famous for, is themed parties. First it was all about color-themed decorations: all in royal blue, gold, silver... you name it. Then I progressed into a full Victorian-inspired Christmas (dusty rose, cream, lots of lace... can it get any prettier?).

I always liked to experiment with different materials and textures... and you know, since I'm surrounded by fabrics, I thought it would be a good idea to use them for decoration these Holidays and I'm so happy to share them with you!

So, do you want a different decoration theme this time? Here are some ideas...


Make a fun and pretty "Christmas Tree" out of cones of cardboard, wrapped with fabric and lace. You can leave some of the cookies Santa will eat when visiting your house...


Decide to wrap all your presents with tissue paper and use beautiful fabrics as ribbons and flowers! Some tulle is always pretty to add...




If you want a compliment to your classical tree to display in another room, this arrangement is made with some wood branches and "fabric snowflakes" from my collection Nature Elements. Use a pearl bead for the finishing touch!




Isn't it cute? And making these are no big deal! You know that box overflowing with scraps you've been accumulating all year long? Well, now it's the time to dust it off and use it! Just grab your favorite fabric scraps, some ribbon, lace, tulle, tissue paper and other pretty things and start wrapping your gifts, making tons of fabric flowers, and little fabric ornaments...





Do you want a more modern take? Here it is!


I think that Modern Affair collection is perfect for this this display of styrofoam trees


I LOVE how the gift tags came out! If you do too, here is my present: a free downloadable PDF that you can print on cardboard and write the names of your loved ones to give your presents that special touch. Click on the link and scroll the pages; you have many to choose from (use the clear templates to cut only the fabric for the base of the tags). Enjoy!

I send you all my love and wish you the best Holidays ever,


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