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Applying a Zipper 101

What is a zipper?

The technical definition says: "A fastening device consisting of parallel rows of metal, plastic, or nylon teeth on adjacent edges of an opening that are interlocked by a sliding tab".

Well, let me tell you that when I just started sewing, the mere mention of the word "zipper" to me meant "nightmare"! And I don't blame you if you are scared of them too... (I must confess after ages of sewing, I'm still terrified of invisible zippers!)

It's awful when you spend so much time and energy in doing a beautiful bag, but then become frustrated because you can't apply the believe me, I get you if your heart starts pounding and your palms start sweating every time you see one of those intimidating little fellows... Well, I say is about time to conquer that fear!

So here's a brand new tutorial that will have you applying zippers like a pro!


Click here to download the PDFs and good luck! (though I'm sure you won't need it)

I tried to make it as clear as possible, with many step-by-step pictures.

Please leave me a comment telling me how useful was this tutorial for you... Any suggestions for new tutorials? Don't be embarrassed to speak up! I'd love to help! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!



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