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A moment of love


They have just come back from Asia and brought me many, and I mean MANY pictures. From the Mills, of the fabric's production process, about the coloring, inks, new styles; but I decided to have these as the most important to me. They talk about the love of father and son, the joy of being together, their rapport. They also talk about the pride of a father because his son wants to follow his steps in the business, and the pride of a son because his father wants to teach these steps to him.
This is a moment that speaks about Love and a special relation, and I wanted to share it with you.
This is what my family and what Art Gallery Fabrics are made of. A lot of Love.


Want to see some pics on how our fabrics are produced? Wait for me until I share them on the next post...




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Why I feel so thankful


Today is a special day. The day most of us feel grateful to God. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it is the only day; only that is our day in America to celebrate this. Some may feel they are not. However I think those people who don't have anything to thank for, should look a little deeper inside themselves, where they will always find something to feel blessed about. Just looking around, we realize that there are people who are suffering much more than us, and we realize that today is a special and happy day.
I am thankful to God for everything. For what I had yesterday, for what I have today, and for what God may give me tomorrow.
Wherever you are or who you are with, no matter what your budget allows you to put on the table for dinner, have a joyful and lovely Thanksgiving day!

Love, Pat

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Applying a Zipper 101

What is a zipper?

The technical definition says: "A fastening device consisting of parallel rows of metal, plastic, or nylon teeth on adjacent edges of an opening that are interlocked by a sliding tab".

Well, let me tell you that when I just started sewing, the mere mention of the word "zipper" to me meant "nightmare"! And I don't blame you if you are scared of them too... (I must confess after ages of sewing, I'm still terrified of invisible zippers!)

It's awful when you spend so much time and energy in doing a beautiful bag, but then become frustrated because you can't apply the believe me, I get you if your heart starts pounding and your palms start sweating every time you see one of those intimidating little fellows... Well, I say is about time to conquer that fear!

So here's a brand new tutorial that will have you applying zippers like a pro!


Click here to download the PDFs and good luck! (though I'm sure you won't need it)

I tried to make it as clear as possible, with many step-by-step pictures.

Please leave me a comment telling me how useful was this tutorial for you... Any suggestions for new tutorials? Don't be embarrassed to speak up! I'd love to help! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!



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Gratifying Weekend

Hey ladies! 

How have you been? Any weekend adventures? 

As promised, I caught up with my Netflix queue which I left untouched for like... months, really! So this weekend I sat back and enjoyed "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", and Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" (for like the 500th time, by the way!). I really can't get enough of it, the colors are so inspiring!



If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend it!

So how about you? Worked on any projects during the weekend? How about working on a new and exciting project? Now that it's getting kinda chilly outside, what better than just staying at home with a nice cup of hot cocoa and work on a new quilt, or throw?

No inspiration? No problem! Quilter's Home and I got you covered: A super cool new quilt with my Naturella collection made the cover (yay!), and I love the way it turned out...


 The full instructions are inside of the mag, in the pattern book!


What do you think? Wanna give it a try? Get to your local quilt shop for fabrics and the magazine, and start stitching!



The Market Chronicles, Part 2.


Thank God is Friday, right?? What are your plans for the weekend? I personally gotta catch up with my Netflix queue, haha! I have a whole bunch of movies to watch and I'll try to find some time to actually sit down, relax, and watch them!

Remember I told you I wanted to show you more about Market? Well, as promised, here's more!

I figure you already had a lot to read and take in with my last looong post, so I decided to put together a video so it'll feel a little bit more "real"... We had a lot of fun, you'll probably be able to tell! 

So, what do you think? Would you like to see more videos? I'm kinda getting into the whole video thing, I think is such a fun and dynamic way to show you, in real time, what I do and how it gets done.

With that said, I'm gonna go back to my studio for a little while and then go and ENJOY THE WEEKEND! I hope you do that too!



The Quilt Market Chronicles, Part 1.

Hey everyone! How's it been?

Here at Art Gallery Fabrics we've been extremely busy ever since we got back from Market... between the shootings, the updates, the order processing, the fabric cutting, the video editing, the e-mail replying and oh my god! So much to digest after the whole show craziness! But of course, there's always time to give you the scoop on what happened at Market.

Setting up the booth this time seemed easy since we had everything so planned, organized, labeled and under control; well, we were wrong, ha! It took us quite a long time to put it all together but hey, it was totally worth it! With some strong teamwork everything gets done beautifully... you tell me! Here is the Fall 2010 Art Gallery Booth:


At the booth we were presenting two collections: Paradise, and Modern Affair; and this time I tried to bring a different way to showcase my products: DREAMBOARDS!

Let's start by the Modern Affair wall...





Some of you may be wondering... "What is all that stuff on the wall"?? Haha! Well, this is what I call a "Dreamboard": a collection of images, objects, and textures that inspire me to create. In my design process, I find it sooo important to surround myself with inspiration, to create a certain "mood"... So that's why I wanted to expand this concept, just take it out of my studio and show it to everyone, so you can also find inspiration and get your creative juices going!



How do you like it so far?

My team and I also designed that Dreamboard concept to show "Paradise Collection"... wanna see it?





Every item was carefully picked...



Here are my Grab'n Sew kits and patterns... Did you know that we expanded the fabric choices for each of the Kits? We have 6 additional choices besides the original!



You might think, "What is a TV doing there" "And why is Pat on it?" well... I kinda wanna keep it on the down low for a little more... buuuuuut... I'm releasing my very first clothing pattern, and this time, on a DVD format (printed pattern pieces included)! I'm super excited about it, but I'm gonna spill the beans later, I promise.

And now. it's time for my personal favorite: THE SHOWROOM! This time it featured Dreaming in French, which as I've already mentioned, it's my most favorite collection so far. The inspiration for the room was the little french knick-knack boutiques, can you tell?






Everyone loved that little girl's dress with the big flowers. Would you like to see translated it in a new pattern?


We put great attention to details...




And here's our brand new Catalog!! We decided to go totally radical and change our cover from dark gray to light aqua! What do you think?


I tell you, I have so many pictures I'm trying really hard not to post them all! I know Market it's only three days but I swear there's so much going on in so very little time, it's hard to cover it all! But I promise I'll do my best to keep you updated... Hope you like it so far, there's much more coming... stay tuned for Part 2!

For now, I just want to read your comments...



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