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Red.Orange. Fabric. Mood.


It's October already.

Welcome fall and two of my new favorite colors: RED and ORANGE.

My life was lately all about pink . Sometimes I think I was traveling on top of a pink cloud, that I couldn't see any other color so far. Well, this is changing 'cause I'm adding yellow to that picture. It's not that I don't like it anymore... not at all... it will be chasing me for a long time, I guess. However, RED/ORANGE need another consideration, have a different vibe... I feel that they surround you with special notes... warmth, happiness and a bohemian feel. 

If you look up closely, it's not a "whatever" red. It is a RED that seduced me at first glance! And how about this ORANGE?


I was so glad to introduce them as a part of one of my new collections for Houston, that there are some plans to use them again, and maybe again, and... all I want lately is to welcome new colors... or as I say... new sensations.

Talk to you soon,

Love, Pat

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