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You're all invited

Is it Fall Market again? 

It seems like it was yesterday that I came back from Spring Market at Minneapolis! Time just flew by and now it's time to pack the bags again and head to Houston, Texas where I'll be sharing with you everything that I've been so passionately working on for the past months.

Did someone say "new fabric collections"? "new patterns"? "new blender lines"?

Well, the answer is YES; there's a whole bunch of brand new goodies you'll be able to see, feel and wrap yourself around! hey, you can even smell the fabric if you want, it's for you that I've designed it in the first place! So I hope from the bottom of my heart that you like them and feel inspired by them... that's always my ultimate goal.

And now that you know the what, here's the when and the where:

When? From Saturday October 30th to Monday November 1st.

Where? You can find me at Booth # 1844, 1846, 1848 and 1945.  

Oh, and for all of you Sample Spree fans, I'll be there with tons (trust me: tons) of bundles and kits and thread and patterns and all the stuff you love! 

Since this is my last post before Market, and I don't want to leave you without a little sneak peek at my newest blender line:


Can you guess the name? It's LACE ELEMENTS, a new tonal with delicate lace texture that add the perfect touch of style to your projects... on how many are you going to use them?

Well, there you have it, you are ALL invited and hope to see you there!



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Creativity Served!

I'm sure most of you are already loyal viewers of the fantastic show DIY Dish and each week enjoy a brand new creativity dish served to you by the dynamic duo Kim and Kris!

Well, if you tuned in last week for the Craft Countdown you probably fell in love with those super cute fabric yo-yo's (who knew a yo-yo could have so many uses?). Did the fabrics look a little... familiar? Yes! The lovely Kim and Kris used my Paradise collection to make a (literally!) two - minute craft and they turned out soooo beautiful!

If you missed it (or just feel like having a second round), here's your chance to watch it:

What do you think? The pillows look stunning too! I never thought just a couple of fabric yo-yo's could make such a difference... and it really does take 2 minutes!

For those of you who just hear of them for the first time, I recommend you check out the other episodes (a.k.a "webisodes"), it's inspiration freshly served week by week.

But oh wait! It doesn't stop there. This week's webisode is brought to you by non other than Art Gallery Fabrics... that is... Pat Bravo... that is... me. And if you enjoyed the Craft Countdown, wait til you see this project! The awesome twosome came up with this beautiful bag which they named "Simple Bag", and there really is no better name for this bag, it is super easy and super simple, yet so versatile since you can pretty much take it anywhere! Besides, the fact that they made a bag with my fabrics was pretty amazing, you must know by now I'm such a handbag fan. 

They used my new collection, Dreaming in French to make the Simple Bag, more specifically Lime Praline, Dark Femme Fatale, Fresh Romance and Berry Coquette. Still, this is only a suggestion, have fun and dare to make your very own combinations!

And even for our beginner ladies, I found this bag to be particularly perfect for you! Watch the video and you tell me:

See? Not scary at all!

How did you like this bag? Looking forward to make one? I know some of you early birds are already starting to make some lovely Christmas gifts so why not try this? Let me know what combination you would use to give to your best friend... You can even use it this bag to carry the gifts and play Stylish Santa, hahaha!

Note that there is also a GrabN'Sew Kit and $50 Gift Certificate GIVEAWAY at the Hawthorne Threads site! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on the DIY dish blog on the Art Gallery episode, and if you want it really really bad, just leave a 2nd one after visiting my website and say what you like most about it (easy, huh?)

The GIVEAWAY is open for a week so hurry up and good luck to you all!



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Red.Orange. Fabric. Mood.


It's October already.

Welcome fall and two of my new favorite colors: RED and ORANGE.

My life was lately all about pink . Sometimes I think I was traveling on top of a pink cloud, that I couldn't see any other color so far. Well, this is changing 'cause I'm adding yellow to that picture. It's not that I don't like it anymore... not at all... it will be chasing me for a long time, I guess. However, RED/ORANGE need another consideration, have a different vibe... I feel that they surround you with special notes... warmth, happiness and a bohemian feel. 

If you look up closely, it's not a "whatever" red. It is a RED that seduced me at first glance! And how about this ORANGE?


I was so glad to introduce them as a part of one of my new collections for Houston, that there are some plans to use them again, and maybe again, and... all I want lately is to welcome new colors... or as I say... new sensations.

Talk to you soon,

Love, Pat

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