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Work in Progress...

Hello everyone!

In case you've been wondering "Where's Pat Bravo?", well, here I am! I know I've been M.I.A for a while but I have a good excuse, I promise.

This is what's been going on at my studio since the last time I posted:

Tons of new fabric, tons of new ideas, and pretty much a whole lotta quilting and sewing! I'm feeling a bit generous today so I'm giving you a peek at some pieces that will be traveling off to Houston next month for Market. Enjoy and tell me what you think!!


A soon-to-be skirt...


Yes, that's a robe!

So, do you like what you see? Anything you'd particularly love to see in my fabrics? 

These are made with Modern Affair and Dreaming in French, don't forget to check them out! Have a great weekend everyone!



Grab n' Sew Time! (+ Giveaway)

Hi there!

How was your Labor Day?? Unfortunately, I can't say much about mine... the rain literally washed away all my fun! 

Living in Florida, one could imagine I'm always on the beach rocking a fabulous tan and swimming like a mermaid... well, I don't wanna ruin your fantasy, but "going to the beach" is like a major event around here! 

So there I am, feeling all happy and in holiday mode, with my swimsuit on and the cooler with fresh goodies to spend a family afternoon at the beach when suddenly... this huuuuge cloud shows up at my door, totally uninvited, and spoils my entire afternoon fun. After a furious thunder storm, I was pretty furious myself! But oh well, I guess it's part of the "tricks of the trade" when you get to live in such a beautiful city!

Anyway, I'm not letting my frustrated beach plans ruin my good mood... Today I go to the Hawthorne Threads blog, and see that the lovely Lindsay and Charlie made a super post about my Grab N' Sew kits! So, here's the story: my dear fabric-loving lovebirds sent a Grab N' Sew kit to a couple of fantastic quilting and sewing bloggers (which many of you might be familiar with!) and invited them to make the project and then review it... 

So far, the super talented Terri from Sew Fantastic and Heather from A La Mode Fabric embraced the challenge and made Monaco and Essential!

Wanna know how well they did?? Here are some pics of the finished bags:


This is Monaco made with Memories from Kandesh!


And Heather made an Essential (well... she actually stepped it up a notch and made two!)

Click here to read the story on Hawthorne Threads... and don't forget to visit Sew Fantastic and A La Mode Fabric for project ideas, inspiration and more!

And now, for the juicy part... who doesn't love a good GIVEAWAY??

Now that is Back-to-School time, let's call it Grab N' Sew time! Lindsay and Charlie are giving away to three lucky winners one of my kits! You can win a Firenze bag kit, an Essential Tote kit, or a Monaco bag kit... How about that? 

All you have to do to enter this fabulous giveaway is click here and register! Best luck to everyone! 



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