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Hi everyone!

Thank you SO MUCH for all the nice comments from my last post about the spoiled brat that I have... I can see now that all of you are on HER side!!! But you are right, who can say something to that face? :)

Talking about other things, I have a sneak peek to show you: a very dreamy one, I must say!

I know I just can't stop blabbing about my trip to Paris and how fabulous it was, but seriously, can you blame me? With every single step I took on each street, new designs, colors, and prints came to mind, and, as a result, my new collections were given birth! 

Well, you already know "Paradise", which you'll be able to find in your favorite local shops this month (very very soon, I promise!)... but now is time to give the spotlight to another one of my babies... say "bonjour" to DREAMING IN FRENCH!



Dream about a new outfit for you, stunning clothes for your kids, a gorgeous quilt for your bedroom, and many, many bags!


A seductive palette of colors with shades of sparkling pink and enchanting purple, mixed with kiwi and chocolate... sounds yummy right?



Craving for more? See the complete collection swatches here!

This is one of my most favorite collections I've done so far, I feel it captures the spirit of who I am as a designer ... Expressing myself through color (between you and me: these are my favorites!), prints, textures and design is really the best way I can communicate who I am and what I feel, so I really hope you can get to know me through these beautiful fabrics and that they will inspire you to express your own unique self through your amazing projects!

Dreaming in French will be available in stores this September, so start dreaming what you would do once you get your hands on it!

So, what do you dream? Your opinion is super important to me, so come on, don't be shy! I'd love to hear from all of you!

Have a great week everyone!



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