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Hey everyone!

How is your week doing? Have you sewn something nice? New hair cut? Very busy with kiddos coming back to school? My son Alex is going to take three classes this semester: Microeconomics, Calculus III and Macroeconomics. Did I tell you that he switched majors? He moved from Statistics to Business... and he's also working for Apple part time. Here is a proud mama talking!! :)

I'm glad to say I'm having super productive days! I've worked on my new collections, came up with new pattern ideas, and created a new facebook page to share with everybody... and still managed to save a little time for a manicure and a nice Italian dinner with the family last weekend!

Speaking of eating with the family, on Saturday my mum had this unbearable craving for a McDonald's apple pie and she wouldn't take NO for and answer! Even as I tried to explain to her that 130 for glucose that morning was no joke... she said to me "Please, just one...!" I look at her, and I said to myself: How can I say no to her 82 years of love and dedication?

Coming back to my projects, I've been working on my collections so hard lately, I don't even have that much time to sew anymore... What would I do without my awesome sewing team, Priscila and Vicky? Today I raided the sewing studio to take some shots:

New pattern in the making. Did you guess? It's a dress!!

Priscila working on the first samples made with Dreaming in French... I'm so excited!

Vicky doing her magic on the machine! 

I wanna thank the girls for making my life a lot easier, haha! And the things they make are just as I imagine them in my head!

I was reading all your comments from last post on "Dreaming in French" and I feel.... so flattered!! Thank you so much, and I promise to share some pics of new products soon!

I'll keep you posted with everything my amazing team is up to... until next time, gotta go back to the office!



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