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Weekend adventures + Fabric Giveaway!
Time for a little sneak peek...

Giveaway Winner!

Hey ladies!

How was that weekend of yours? Mine was pretty good, very productive! On Friday, I stayed up til' 7am working on a design! (workaholic much?)

So, I after the designing marathon, I was off to get some (much needed) rest, when all of a sudden, I find THIS crime scene going on in my living room:

That night I lost complete track of time and space, and apparently so did my dear Daisy, who confused my beautiful brocade sofa with one of her toys! (believe me, we have a vast collection of headless stuffed animals in here...) 


Soooo busted! I guess those are the "tricks of the trade" when you decide to have spoiled little naughty puppies at home... I mean, who can say no to this face? I LOVE her!!


Oh well! 

I wanna thank you all soooo much for your lovely comments and for participating in the giveaway! I noticed some of you also entered the True Up giveaway, I see I have some fans over here =)

Well, it is now time to announce our lucky winner, which was chosen randomly as always!

As I told you on my last post (I still don't know what happened), I lost the post I made for the giveaway :( Thanks God I could keep the comments that are there for you to see...

And the winner is...

Screen shot 2010-08-02 at 2.46.35 PM
Pixie13, congratulations!!!!!!

You are the winner of the Paradise scraps! I wonder what you're gonna make with those beauties... Please contact to arrange the shipping!

Oh, and don't forget you all still have the chance to win some goodies at True Up, the giveaway is still going on til Wednesday!