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Quilts anyone?

Hi everyone! What have you been up to lately? Getting ready for the weekend?

I've been working on new patterns and all the samples I'll be launching at Market this October... I'm so happy I wish I could just share a zillion sneak peeks! 

Today Priscilla just finished making a gooorgeous Nouvelle Quilt with Dreaming in French and this is how it turned up:

pat bravo quilt, art gallery fabrics, nouvelle quilt

It's as simple as it is beautiful! What do you think? I just wanna wrap myself in it and dream away!

More eye-candy for the quilt-hungry:



quilting, quilt as you go

Speaking of beautiful... Today I received an e-mail from the super talented Sara McMahon, founder and designer of kid's clothing brand Little Pea with this heart-melting video that I just needed to share! 

This is the new Spring 11 collection! Aren't the designs just amazing? And they look even cuter on this sweet little models!

Special thanks to Sara for choosing my fabrics to make her awesome clothes! I really like Sara's style because she has a different approach to kid's clothing: she lets kids still be kids and have fun, but in a totally stylish way.

Here are a couple of my favorite snapshots:

Naturella apparel fabric
This dress is made with Naturella...

Girly Girl, fashion fabric
This cute little number in Girly Girl...

And some happy little girls with their Paradise dresses!

Make sure to check out her website and blog where she keeps you posted on all her latest endeavors.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!



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New pics and such...

Hey everyone!

How is your week doing? Have you sewn something nice? New hair cut? Very busy with kiddos coming back to school? My son Alex is going to take three classes this semester: Microeconomics, Calculus III and Macroeconomics. Did I tell you that he switched majors? He moved from Statistics to Business... and he's also working for Apple part time. Here is a proud mama talking!! :)

I'm glad to say I'm having super productive days! I've worked on my new collections, came up with new pattern ideas, and created a new facebook page to share with everybody... and still managed to save a little time for a manicure and a nice Italian dinner with the family last weekend!

Speaking of eating with the family, on Saturday my mum had this unbearable craving for a McDonald's apple pie and she wouldn't take NO for and answer! Even as I tried to explain to her that 130 for glucose that morning was no joke... she said to me "Please, just one...!" I look at her, and I said to myself: How can I say no to her 82 years of love and dedication?

Coming back to my projects, I've been working on my collections so hard lately, I don't even have that much time to sew anymore... What would I do without my awesome sewing team, Priscila and Vicky? Today I raided the sewing studio to take some shots:

New pattern in the making. Did you guess? It's a dress!!

Priscila working on the first samples made with Dreaming in French... I'm so excited!

Vicky doing her magic on the machine! 

I wanna thank the girls for making my life a lot easier, haha! And the things they make are just as I imagine them in my head!

I was reading all your comments from last post on "Dreaming in French" and I feel.... so flattered!! Thank you so much, and I promise to share some pics of new products soon!

I'll keep you posted with everything my amazing team is up to... until next time, gotta go back to the office!



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Time for a little sneak peek...

Hi everyone!

Thank you SO MUCH for all the nice comments from my last post about the spoiled brat that I have... I can see now that all of you are on HER side!!! But you are right, who can say something to that face? :)

Talking about other things, I have a sneak peek to show you: a very dreamy one, I must say!

I know I just can't stop blabbing about my trip to Paris and how fabulous it was, but seriously, can you blame me? With every single step I took on each street, new designs, colors, and prints came to mind, and, as a result, my new collections were given birth! 

Well, you already know "Paradise", which you'll be able to find in your favorite local shops this month (very very soon, I promise!)... but now is time to give the spotlight to another one of my babies... say "bonjour" to DREAMING IN FRENCH!



Dream about a new outfit for you, stunning clothes for your kids, a gorgeous quilt for your bedroom, and many, many bags!


A seductive palette of colors with shades of sparkling pink and enchanting purple, mixed with kiwi and chocolate... sounds yummy right?



Craving for more? See the complete collection swatches here!

This is one of my most favorite collections I've done so far, I feel it captures the spirit of who I am as a designer ... Expressing myself through color (between you and me: these are my favorites!), prints, textures and design is really the best way I can communicate who I am and what I feel, so I really hope you can get to know me through these beautiful fabrics and that they will inspire you to express your own unique self through your amazing projects!

Dreaming in French will be available in stores this September, so start dreaming what you would do once you get your hands on it!

So, what do you dream? Your opinion is super important to me, so come on, don't be shy! I'd love to hear from all of you!

Have a great week everyone!



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Giveaway Winner!

Hey ladies!

How was that weekend of yours? Mine was pretty good, very productive! On Friday, I stayed up til' 7am working on a design! (workaholic much?)

So, I after the designing marathon, I was off to get some (much needed) rest, when all of a sudden, I find THIS crime scene going on in my living room:

That night I lost complete track of time and space, and apparently so did my dear Daisy, who confused my beautiful brocade sofa with one of her toys! (believe me, we have a vast collection of headless stuffed animals in here...) 


Soooo busted! I guess those are the "tricks of the trade" when you decide to have spoiled little naughty puppies at home... I mean, who can say no to this face? I LOVE her!!


Oh well! 

I wanna thank you all soooo much for your lovely comments and for participating in the giveaway! I noticed some of you also entered the True Up giveaway, I see I have some fans over here =)

Well, it is now time to announce our lucky winner, which was chosen randomly as always!

As I told you on my last post (I still don't know what happened), I lost the post I made for the giveaway :( Thanks God I could keep the comments that are there for you to see...

And the winner is...

Screen shot 2010-08-02 at 2.46.35 PM
Pixie13, congratulations!!!!!!

You are the winner of the Paradise scraps! I wonder what you're gonna make with those beauties... Please contact [email protected] to arrange the shipping!

Oh, and don't forget you all still have the chance to win some goodies at True Up, the giveaway is still going on til Wednesday! 



Weekend adventures + Fabric Giveaway!

Oops! Remember there was a lovely post here?

Well... it magically disappeared for reasons I'm yet to discover!

Even though the post disappeared, the GIVEAWAY didn't go anywhere, hahah! I didn't know what happened but all the comments are still there, 324!

Check out the lucky winner in my new post!

Thanks to all of you for participating!