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The Verona bag was put to the test...

And it totally aced it!

Today, between work and ... well... more work, I took a minute to check out the fabulous Sew Mama Sew blog, only to find that my Verona Bag pattern had been reviewed. I got as nervous as a high school kid getting the results from an exam, but I told myself to snap out of it and read it, and what I found just made my day!

New contributor Colleen took the challenge of making the bag and then telling everyone about her experience; and, apart from doing and excellent job on the bag, she wrote great stuff like this:

"On functionality, the bag is a great size and holds everything a mom would need: diapers, wipes, a sippy or two and snacks. The magnetic snap is a great feature; instead of having to fumble with zippers or a mile worth of Velcro while trying to dig out something for the kids you can just flip the flap open and rummage through. With a cute fabric choice it could also be a really stylish laptop bag for work."


What matters most to me when it comes to patterns, is how clear the instructions and diagrams are (trust me. You would not believe how much time we invest on these things! It's crazy!), so when I read that "The written instructions were very clear and concise. Where there was anything that could have been construed as difficult to understand or maybe a new sewing skill set there would be a nifty little tip right underneath on how to accomplish it.", I was like "pheeeeeew!" What a relief! (The five-star rating also helped, haha!) 


So, for all of you that already made the Verona bag, I invite you to read the post and tell me if you agree!

For all of you who hasn't I hope the review will awaken that little inner voice that says: "There's always room for ONE more bag!"

And thank you Sew Mama Sew for making me smile!



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