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Heart & Soul


So this is what I have been up to... My own website,!!! Not that isn't mine, but it is more focused on the company in general. With this website I wanted to share with all of you tons of images, detailed information about my products and of course inspiration... 

I have been working on this project for quite a while now, and yeah its been a lot of work! I owe a  great deal of help to the three best assistants in the world: Angie, Samantha and Fabiana! Without their help, this wouldn't have been possible, thanks girls!!! 

Some people have landed on it by accident already, without it being formally announced. So I finally decided that it was time to reveal it! I am very happy with what I see and I hope you enjoy going through each and every page... 

Here is just a peak of one of my favorite sections on the website, Color your World



Quilts from the Style Gallery page


Clothing from the Style Gallery page

 I would love to hear from you, so drop me a line and let me know what you think about my new baby, or should I say yours? 

Love, Pat

Just dreaming and drawing


It's been a long time since my last post. Not because I have been lazy (well, I had a couple of days of white brain as I say...), but because a new wave of projects is coming. I just wanted to share with you when I dream and draw a new sewing pattern...



Want to FEEL GOOD?

Who doesn't??

Some time ago I was contacted by this fabulous and inspiring lady named Shalon Whitgob and, after reading an email about her story, I knew I HAD to share it with you all! It made me feel sooo good and it's gonna make you too!!

Those of you who unfortunately had to go through hospital stays and long procedures, know how dreary and depressing the whole experience can be - my son Alex had kidney cancer when he was 9, so I know what she's talking about...  But in all the bad moments of our lives we can take the positive side and make it inspiring with a new perspective, with a path that can help others and make them feel better. This is exactly what she did!

Shalon is the mind behind FEEL GOOD GOWNS, a fantastic business made specially to make your hospital stay a little bit brighter. She offers a range of products from gowns, to caps and bags with spunky and fun colors and prints, designed to bring a little happiness and optimism to that sad experience.

Gown made with "Revive" fabric.

I couldn't be more touched and honored to have this wonderful lady choosing Art Gallery Fabrics to make her idea come to life; I can't express how heart-warming it is to feel that, in a small way, I can contribute to make someone who's going through a rough time FEEL GOOD. 

I could keep going on and on about this Wonder Woman, and because of her story I wanted to do an interview about this inspiring approach in life. So let's her tell us what FEEL GOOD GOWNS is all about!!

Hi Shalon! How was Feel Good Gowns born?

Out of necessity! I had been doing monthly trips to the hospital for treatment on my AVM and documenting it all on my little website. To show my progress and improvement, we were taking "before and after" pics. And the hospital ones were ugly to begin with, but the gowns just made it even worse! Adding insult to injury...literally! I decided that if I was going to put horrible pictures of myself on a website for the world to see, that I at least needed something fabulous and fashionable to wear. So I made my first version for myself. Then I made one for a super sassy little teenager facing brain radiation; another for a little girl I got to know during my trips to Denver, a couple surprise caps for the other patients in for treatment with me one day. And from there, it just became this thing that I couldn't stop from happening. Everyone loved them, the staff and other patients, and it just made everyone "feel good."

What is the concept behind Feel Good Gowns?

Well, our slogan is "Custom Gowns, Handmade with Love, to Brighten your hospital stay." And that really is exactly what it is. The entire point is to do something small, and rather superficial, to help make a really sucky day at the hospital a little easier. It's the least I can do knowing first hand a little of what these people are feeling and facing. It gives them something else to focus on. It brightens up the dull, white, sterile atmosphere of the hospital and really can't help but make people smile. We all know we feel better when we look good! Plus it's a conversational piece that helps the staff have something fun to discuss with you instead of just medical mumbo jumbo talk.

Scrub cap made with "Spellbound" fabric.

What products do you offer?

Our main focus is of course the gowns and matching scrub caps. We have different styles from all ruffles and girly to simple and no-nonsense. Something for everyone. But we also have all the accessories that any fashionable person would want or need! We have cute matching bags to replace the cheesy white "property of" ones the hospital gives you, snuggly fleece blankets to coordinate with your ensemble, and we are currently working on some super soft and cozy fleece socks to replace the scratchy, one size fits all (but not well) ones. Complete with grippy on the bottom so that there is no fall risk! Oh ya, and for the guys we have flannel lounging pants to help convince them they aren't wearing a dress :) 

Why did you choose Art Gallery Fabrics to make your products?

Because I love your designs, Pat! To be honest, choosing the fabric was something I was totally looking forward to and then the reality was a complete nightmare. I would find some prints here and there but not really a "collection" from one designer that I really felt connected to. And then one day I stumbled upon Art Gallery Fabrics website. And I was instantly in love with all of it.  It was like one of those moments when it stops raining, the storm clouds start to drift away, and the sun is shining on everything that is good and right in the world!  Seriously! I couldn't contain my excitement... And you couldn't have been nicer and more supportive. Completely emphasized that this was meant to be. And then I was faced with choosing just a few of your lovely options... I wanted them all! With luck, my business will grow and reach the patients that really do need to be cheered up through something as easy and superficial as fashion! And THEN maybe I can get all the designs :)

Bag made with "Spellbound" fabric.

Thank you so much Shalon for your time and for choosing Art Gallery Fabrics to make these amazing creations!

So now you know, if you know somebody that want to forget about that gloomy hospital attire, get her a FEEL GOOD GOWN!



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