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My very own Palette...

And this time, I'm not talking about fabrics!

Let's give prints and patterns a little break for today, and let's talk about threads for a minute...Starting the last week of May, my very first THREAD COLLECTION for Signature will be available in stores! Think 16 tantalizing new colors to match every single sewing or quilting project you have in mind...   


As a fabric designer, quilter and sewer , I have found myself very limited as far as the variety of color threads available in the market. I have seen the need for newer and fresher colors to bring my fabrics designs to life. My new palette developed by Signature does exactly that!


My sense of color is reflected in everything I do. I believe color plays a key role y every project, from choosing gorgeous fabrics to choosing the right hue of thread to match them.


When I met with the company, I saw that we both have the same goal: "excellence in quality and color".


Knowing that accuracy in color is essential to me, Signature provided the perfect dye hue for each color I chose in this palette. They definitely meet my expectations!

When I speak about high quality, a cotton thread has to pass 3 tests: it has to be smooth so it doesn't tangle on your machine, it has to be strong for high speed machine quilting, and it has to be virtually lint free. After countless hours of stitching at my studio and many quilts that my long arm quilter has finished for magazines, this is the only thread that greatly exceeded all these tests!



And there is more... Signature cotton is perfectly suited for every project. Every time I sew my handbags, clothing or home decor projects, I choose them because the three-ply, long-staple fiber construction is essential for its superior strength.



Machine washable and colorfast, the versatile colors in my palette will not only compliment my fabrics but will allow you to work with the latest trends in colors for fabrics.


The threads come in 3,000 yard cones, and 500 yard spools, so you can choose what's more convenient for your personal project.

So, remember, "PAT' BRAVO'S PALETTE" for Signature will be available in stores after Market! (that's the last week of May).

I truly hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and expect to make your projects a lot easier, more durable, and of course, look gorgeous!