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My very own Palette...
Tutorial: fabric flowers anyone???

Guess what day it is...

That's right. Another Tuesday... another Giveaway!

I want to thank you all for participating, it's always nice to read about everyone's funny stories, we all have one of those! 

Soooo... before introducing the new prizes, let's announce the winners:

The winner of the ready-made TRAVEL SET is...


Rhonda! Congratulations! Next time you travel, I can't assure your ketchup won't land on people's ears again, but I can guarantee you'll travel in style! 

And now for the TRAVEL SET pattern winners, we have...



Sarah M and Judy, hope you enjoy making your very own travel sets! 

Don't forget to get in touch with me for the shipment...

Well this is Week 3 of my Giveaways Tuesdays, so I'm raising the bar here a little bit...

1st Winner will be getting this beautiful set of three GIRLY GIRL PILLOWS!



Yes. They are READY-MADE! So they can go straight to your bed or that comfy couch of yours while you think about your next project...

And talking about projects... how about making a super cute toybox for your little one?

Excited? Great! Because I'm giving away THREE TOYBOX PATTERNS for our next lucky winners!


No more toys all over the place!

To enter, just leave a comment on this post... You can share you thoughts, say how you're feeling today or well, just say Hi! 

Remember winners will be announced next Tuesday, I'd love to hear from all of you, and once again, good luck!