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Paris (Part II)


So, here are some of the pictures I promised you from my trip to Paris. Finally!!!! Did I tell you I had an amazing time already? OMG!!!!! Paris is my dream city.  I’m counting the days till next year when we go back (I know, I know….. many days to count).

Here with my husband Walter 

I must admit I fell deeply in love with the city and its culture. And not to mention I fell in love with my husband all over again. Now I know where the phrase "Paris is for lovers" came from.  What a place!!!!!!!!!


I found art in every single place I visited. From the bakery, to the flower shop, to the chanel boutique. Every where I went, you could see “Joie de Vivre”. 



In so many ways the European traditions remind me of my own culture. I remember growing up and going to the market with my mom every single day to get fresh produces, bread and flowers. These are only some of the pictures, I will be sharing more in future posts...


My mind was dazzling with new colors, new patterns and new textures. I couldn't keep up with my notes and sketches... Everything I saw inspired me so much that it will translate into my upcoming collections, I can't wait to show you!!! but I guess you'll have to wait until may... 

In my travels I found amazing colors, textures and combinations. My latest obsession... fuchsia. The color awakes my senses. Makes me feel happy and alive. It gives me passion and inspires me with ideas, every minute of the day. What’s your mood of color today? I’m getting my nails done tomorrow in fuchsia. 

Paris is definitely a "sense shaker," but do you have any suggestions where should we go next for inspiration? What do you think about Morocco?