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December 2009


As you might have noticed, the giveaway deadline is way due. I apologize, but I have an excuse. No no.. its not that my trip to Paris was extended (I wish though...) its more of a doctor's note type of excuse. My trip to Paris was AMAZING!!! (I'll show pictures soon, I promise!) but it not only gave me beautiful memories to bring back home, but also the worst cold ever. I had to stay in bed for almost 10 days, which made me get really behind on my schedule. As soon as I started feeling better, I got on the computer and started working on my new fabric collections, and as you may remember a post I made a while ago,  designing is a huge process on itself... 

But I didn't want to wait any longer without announcing the winner... I didn't want you guys to think I changed my mind and was planning to keep both copies!


Thanks to everyone, I enjoyed reading all your comments, and you sure made me feel better for not being the only one who buys the same thing twice... So the winner of Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!! is... Sharon (Please email me with your address so I can ship it as soon as possible!) 

Love and keep on stitching,