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Yesterday I was tweeting that I have soo many pictures to use from the event that I didn't know which ones to choose... OMG! Many of them with poor lighting, because at Houston lights were different that for example... Pittsburgh (there is natural light there). Bah!, I said to myself; there is nothing that a touch of Photoshop can't do. So I took full advantage of curves, auto colors, brightness and such. I wanted all of you to see them! Now is like... magic, all decent enough to use them for this post.

For this second part I wanted to introduce to you an amazing group of people that visited my booth not only to see everything new I had, but just to say hello, chat a little, and share... Because even if each one of us is there to sell our products, Quilt Market is MUCH MORE than that. It's a place where you can feel a sense of community, friendship and support. There is nothing like "everybody have to buy only my stuff... or". No, no. There is room for all of us. We congratulate between designers for our collections, we have dinner together. We talk about our kids and family there. I feel soo happy each year when I come back and see everybody again... good and with health. It is so nice to be there. I think I belong to a big family!! So look at ALL the pictures that I'll show you...

One day before the show starts there is Schoolhouse, where all the companies show their new collections, samples with creative ways to use fabrics and so much more.


This was my first Schoolhouse and I was so nervous! We had a great half hour.

Jennifer Eskridge who did the technical writing for my patterns, is explaining how important is to engage beginner sewers with cristal clear instructions.


The first day of the show was great. Traci from Hipfabric came to visit us. She has beautiful fabrics at her store. Do you agree that orange looks very nice on her?


Lyric from Lyric's Lateedas & Oohlalas in Texas


Evelyn and Bryanna from Trimweaver came the first day also. Both of them are really sweet! Do the pictures still look dark?


I'm selling fabrics here... Look at my my expression!


Second day. Debbie Hearn, from QUILT Magazine. One of the sweetest persons that I met in this industry. They invited me for the 30th anniversary Celebration of her magazine... So many years and each issue is better than the last one!


They made a sign to display at my booth with an interview I did... Thank you Debbie!!


Ladies and gentelmen, an awesome artist, terrific person and consumated twitterer: Bari J. She designs fabrics for Windham. Her latest collection, ART JOURNAL is beautiful!! Be sure to go to her site and check them all...


She was so kind to interviewed me for BOUTIQUECAFE. How exciting was that? Stay tuned to watch the vidcast soon... I was so nervous that I couldn't speak at the beginning!! Look at me!


Debbie from MATERIAL GIRLS and our husbands. Can you see the second day is taking a toll on my face? I started to look tired...


Here is my dear long arm quilter Kathy Grey


Our Illinois rep, Iris Cohen




Kim Knight from TRUE UP. She wrote a post in her blog and didn't want to put our pictures together. She said she look haggard. Not true!! She looks fantastic!


Hey Kim! I love this one!


For the last day, you can see the difference... I was so tired that I didn't even put make up on. Look at my dark circles and bags!!

I want to introduce to you a great friend, Beth Hayes. She's the editor in chief of MC CALL'S QUILTING Magazine. She came to my Schoolhouse and I was very happy to see her!


And look who is here?? Eleanor Burns, the queen of quilting. OMG!! What an honor to have her in my booth...


And who is who in this great group?? Behind me is Laurie Harsh from FABSHOP, and with Eleanor is Carol Veillon from QUILTMANIA Magazine. This picture was so much fun!


Wohoo! This post is getting long...Yes, looks like it!!

Here I am with my new customer, from one of the top ten shops in the country. Kimberly Jolly, of FAT QUARTER SHOP. It was a pleasure to finally meet her at Market. She will be introducing my new kits very soon. Be sure to check her site!!


For the last two spots I wanted to present to you two great designers that work for Michael Miller. Patty Young is pure dynamite!! She does it all: designs not only fabric, but her own line of sewing patterns for children. And she tweets a lot too!!


And the sweet Paula Prass! Her booth was exquisite... It was really nice to meet them both.


So, another Quilt Market went by... 30 years! Hope we can celebrate another 30!! I want to thank EVERYONE who came to visit us!! 

Now we start the full circle again... and I love it! I have all my energy ready to send it to you through my fabrics and other products.

Next post will be talking about my other 2 collections, new patterns and my KITS and I couldn't be more excited about!!


Handmade rocks... so let's keep on stitching!


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