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Hi everyone!!

We finally arrived from Texas last Wednesday evening and we were sooo tired that I needed to sleep a full day to recover... Since Friday and after everything unpacked from boxes, my studio looked like the messiest place ever!! :) TONS of samples, papers, magazines and other stuff that will take me days to start classifying...

Because I wanted to give you a recap rather sooner than later, I started on Saturday sorting more than 500 pictures that my assistant Angie and me were taking during the whole show. You won't believe how nice they came out!

I will try to do this recap in two posts, but there are so many pictures with great people and beautiful products, that maybe two are not enough. Or maybe not even three... Well, let me start somewhere!


This is a full size view of my booth (3 booths together). I know... it's a far view, but I wanted to show it to you complete. 


This is a left-side view. Hope that lights are good enough!


My dear son Alexander wanted to come and help us. I was so happy for that!

Here is my hubby Walter showing the editors of QUILTMagazine our new products for this show. They promised me a full review in their issue. Stay tuned!!

Look! I dedicated a full wall for products made with my dear GIRLY GIRL line. Children clothing, quilts, pillows, decorative bins.

I love to share all these pictures with you. We had so much fun at Market; it's the "everything new to see" event in the industry!!

Here is a close-up view. These adorable bins will be featured in a project on QUILT Magazine this upcoming November issue... Be sure to buy it and make them!


These bags are one of my new sewing patterns we presented at this show: MILANO BAG. I am so excited to presented it to you now. We made lots of samples in different fabric combinations... I think the flash was a little bit strong here.


This sample was made with ALHAMBRA II Collection. You can buy the pattern at your local quilt & sewing shop here and around the world (yes, patterns are been shipped right now to Europe, Australia, Canada, etc.) Whoohoo!!


My other new handbag pattern is FIRENZE BAG. Sweet, trendy, and sooo easy to make!


Let me share with you that I will be showing each new pattern in detail in future posts... Here are all together (with steamer in front, oops!):


At Art Gallery Fabrics, we greeted our customers with fabric flowers on each chair...


OMG!! This post is getting too long! I have so many pictures to show you and I didn't even started...

I think this will do for my first report. But before finishing I want to especially THANK (big thanks) to the person who helped me achieve everything you see here: my dear assistant and right hand Angie. She is an AWESOME professional and a TERRIFIC person. Thank you Angie!!  


So this is the first pick at Market. Wait until you see all the pictures I have prepared for you in my second part. More products and more people to see!! 

Handmade rocks... so let's keep on stitching!


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