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So you might be wondering what happened with the giveaway right?

 I have to be honest... I completely forgot. I have been running around (as usual lol) and for some reason I thought the deadline was next week, until somebody pointed it out... ooppps! I'm so sorry for the delay, but here are the winners. Like I said before, I relied on to make the selection somewhat easier, but thank you to everyone for all your comments!

Winner1Winner2Winner3 Winner4Winner5Winner6

The lucky winners are:

Comment #19.... Angie

Comment #1..... Ruth B

Comment #35.... Ellen Ban

Comment #55.... Kathy

Comment #5..... Betsy

Comment #62.... Jennifer Ladd

So before I forget to send you the prices... just kidding! Please send me an email with your mailing address.

I have to go back to work; new and exciting stuff is coming!!

Handmade rocks... So let's keep on stitching!



Many of you will know that my line of sewing patterns began relatively not long ago. Till now I just made only THE TOY BOX and BLOSSOM PILLOWS. A few months ago I was thinking how the babies might have fun using my fabrics and what pretty pattern could come from that. I usually think very much a project before launching it. It has to be functional, practical, fun and VERY EASY to do. Often after so much waiting on my thinking, my husband says to me: "I am falling asleep..." I do not deny to you that sometimes I also fall asleep of that much waiting ... :)
Once I have it, I begin to run faster than a formula one car: drawing, doing the first sample, writing the instructions... is an exciting, revealing process. I imagine how much sewers will like it, if a shop will be able to teach a class from it, how fun this class could be, and thousands of things more. Anyway, I always put my soul and heart in everything I do; isn't this how a life has to be lived?

I had an idea for a pattern exclusively for babies and toddles and I want to introduce it to you: MY FIRST PLAYMAT

Playmat 6 

I am extremely happy and proud of how it came out. It contains step-by-step diagrams, photos and illustrations. 

Playmat 1 

It is GREAT for babies and toddlers as well. A round mat with appliques in different colors coordinated with the stuffed shapes, so your little ones learn to recognize figures and colors at the same time.

Playmat 2 

Done playing? Your baby can take a nap over the comfy mat...

Playmat 3 

Show it to your baby's pre-K teacher; she'll say what a great toy is for sure!

It is completely washable, super practical and lightweight, so you can take it with you anywhere and your baby can have hours of fun playtime!

Playmat 4 

Made with COLOR SPLASH Collection

Playmat 5 

And I thought: When is good time to do a giveaway of this pattern? NOW, of course!

6 lucky ones will be the winners with one pattern and a six fat quarter bundle of Art Gallery Fabrics each!!

To enter this giveaway is SO simple. You need to:

1- Answer the following question:

Which kind of patterns made with my fabrics would you like to see at your local quilt show in the future?

  • A: Patterns for Handbags
  • B: Patterns for baby's accessories (like MY FIRST PLAYMAT)
  • C: Patterns for clothing 
  • D: Complete Kits of the items mentioned above to grab at your local quilt shop and go
  • E: None of the above. You tell me what you would like to see... (any other kind of pattern)

2- Subscribe to my blog (if you are, forget about it; if you are not, it's a plus for you, because I LOVE to do giveaways very often) Yeah!!

3- Blog and Tweet about it (another reason to talk more among pals)

Well, I think it's easy, isn't it? Make sure to tell me your answers as A, B, C, etc. (if you want to explain a bit more your choice, of course you can!)

I will choose the winners randomly from all your answers. I hope the site won't explode from so many! :)

Last day to enter: Saturday, July 18, 11:00 PM (it's basically a week) .

FOR SHOPS THAT READ MY BLOG: with more than 1000 patterns sold already (we started shipping last week), many quilt stores are taking advantage of this pattern to teach a cool and fun class that is great for beginners, moms, grandmas! If you are interested, please contact for a rep in your area.

Ready for your comments, set, GO!

Handmade rocks... so let's keep on stitching!


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More beauties are pouring in my e-mail inbox from several places. It feels SO pretty to see the creativity of our quilters and sewers captured with my fabrics...

The first photo that I want to show you belongs to a children clothing designer.The name of the company is SMALLBEANS and her designs are gorgeous! The other day she sent me an e-mail with this new set she put for sale at ETSY.


It's a 2 piece Dress-Blouse and Sash for sizes 2T, 2T, 4T, 5T, and 6T.


She combined SHANGHAI EDITION (for the dress) and ASIAN MARKET (for the sash).


I love the sleeves! This beauty looks very fresh and comfortable... Ideal for this summer.


It is super practical but it has lots of details, and for $ 32.00 it looks to me a great reason to buy a new dress for your little one! Isn't she cute?

Also from Esty, this incredible baby's clothing designer: Colette, from URBANBABYBONNETS. She started doing this adorable bonnets for toddlers and babies, and I wanted to show you some of them:

Untitled2 Untitled12 

Fabrics from BELLE EPOQUE Collection

Untitled4 Untitled5
I love this combination, so fresh! ASIAN MARKET Collection

Untitled8 Untitled9


She wrote a nice e-mail saying:

"I am so glad that you like what I've done with your fabrics. Your fabrics are some of my favorites. The designs are amazing and the quality of the fabric is better than what most other companies produce".

She just introduced the UB2 MENDOCINO DRESS. I love it! Look at this:


The fabric of this dress is from my RETROSPECTIVE Collection...



Isn't she so cute?

I encourage you to read her profile. It's very interesting!

A big thank you to all the designers that are working with my fabrics. Your are awesome! I am amazed and thrilled with this new wave of designers working from home and creating a totally new way of doing business online. It's revolutionizing the fabric industry in a very positive manner.

Handmade let's keep on stitching!


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