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Today I want to share with you some pictures I got from a shop in Texas, LaTeeDas & OohLaLas! She sent them to Walter a while ago, but you know how hectic my life is... ugh! (I'm enjoying every minute though). I been meaning to post them, so they're finally here. 

The e-mail said:

I just wanted to share some photos of your fabric in my store.  The buzz has started that I now carry fabric and so far everyone absolutely loves your fabric.

Notice that one of my front windows is all Art Gallery Fabric.  It is so eye catching.   

My first ad ran yesterday and it has started people coming in for fabric. 

Thank you so much.


This is her store and it looks absolutely gorgeous (specially because its filled with my fabrics!!) Nooo, really? Just kidding! :)
Please notice the aprons on the window and inside the store... Aren't they adorable? Her merchandise display is a clear example of how "actual products or samples" can really help sewers and quilters get more innovative everyday... Always want to help you get more and more ideas for your next project...
I really appreciate your support and admire your drive and creativity, Lyric. Thank you!
I hope you enjoyed it and If you, like her, have any pictures you want to share, don't hesitate... join my Flickr Group because I would love to see them and I'm sure everyone else would love to see them too!

Handmade rocks... So keep on stitching!

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