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Didn't all of us have the best time reading and laughing about our funny and odd stories??? I had --LOL! In fact we all in my family did. Each and every comment was read not one, but 3 times!!


An image of my quilt "Panache" on the current issue of Quick Quilts Magazine

OMG, it was hard..... really hard to choose. After reading the last one for the third time, I couldn't decide thebest two. And you know what I had to do? We had a family meeting!!! We were all at the kitchen: my hubby, my sister (who lives with me), my son Alex, my lab Sheebo and me laughing and chatting on your stories: Megan, and her cat; Linda, sewing her skirt and shirt together; Autumn, you have to be proud of your daughter; Robin, I love Hummingbirds!; Joanna, my dear chocolate lab Sheebo does exactly the same thing, laying on top of my tops; Adina, your boy is so sweet; Shnoodly, you see, all thing can happen!; Vangie, Chatters is very funny; Asdrexler, I agree with you about labs!; Deb, your kids came early, imagine if they had invited some other kids from school like my son Alex used to do?? Oops!; Lesly, your daughter is very brave.....; Kate, my family is from Spain, and every time that I take an appliance there I have to think about the voltage!; Jess, how do you have the energy to sew that late after a frantic day with your "little devils".... you must be so tired!! I admire you for your "love for sewing"!; Alisa, the story with the needle is... Oh my God!!!!; Stacy, I love your blog; Kate, your son is soooooo sweet wanting to sew at such a tender age; Arlene, if your husband wouldn't help you, you could be threading the needle for years!!; Shannon, don't give up!, you will get your own sewing room...; Anna, you have been lucky with your light fixture...; Lisa, I can imagine your husband trying to figure where the thread was coming from!; Katie, after seeing how dogs can be trained, your dog actually could learn to sew!!, and soooo many more..... now you tell me: aren't these stories wonderful???

I had to agree with my hubby that the only way to solve the problem was by choosing randomly.... All stories were soooo good!! I didn't want to be unfair with anybody.

So here it goes my story. From the 50 finalists, we managed to pull 20, and from those 20 printed on paper I closed my eyes and pointed with my finger.

The TWO lucky winners are:

(When clicking on the link, please look for her comment)

Brooke Granger


Roseanna Bogley


I will email the winners telling they got the prizes.....

This very first time I was dreaming how about if we were all together at a loooong table (with coffee and cake, of course!), telling each other our stories, laughing and having a great time....

But, as I told you a couple of posts before... stay tuned, because this is just the FIRST give away, so we have many more occasions to celebrate and share. You may ask what will be celebrating: SEWING AND FAMILY that for me are two of the most beautiful things in life!!

Handmade rocks......  so let's keep on stitching!!