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Why I stopped blogging...

It is a question that I ask to myself every day. Many things have happened, and I want to tell them all to you. I've been designing a lot. And for me designing is a process similar to the catharsis. It begins with a few days in which my dialogs with my family are every time fewer and fewer, as I begin to talk increasingly to me himself. How can I explain you? It is like a way towards the introspection, where thousands of thoughts start to happen in my head. I can only think about this. Flowers, cocoons, branches, marine figures... What will this collection be about? I look at photos that I have taken, think about places I've been, and in a moment, a form, a figure begins to appear in my head. In this second, I run to my Wacom Tablet and begin to draw. You see, since I work with my tablet I have left on the side my drawings in paper. I begin to draw and little by little my ideas begin to flow. Then, this way of silencing myself transforms into absolute silence. My computer and me alone. The two of us. It's a synergy for which I allow myself to "let go". This "mood" takes weeks, in which I talk very little. I am only interested in my designs. That they flow, that they get along. When I finish, this catharsis that I was telling you about ends, while my new collection of fabrics emerges. For the rest of that day, I am totally burnt over. By the next day, I start talking non-stop with everybody again like nothing happened... I will tell you more details of this process in future posts.

Another of the things that happened to me is that I had to visit the doctor because I was feeling very tired, I was diagnosed with  Lyme Disease. On that moment I was feeling very bad, but then I gave thanks to God for not having anything worse. And I said to myself: Patricia, you can live perfectly with this. It has taken me several weeks to do analysis, special studies and begin with the treatment, but I am already back on track with all my projects. And happy!!

I will try very hard not to spend so much time without blogging in the future. You see, this blogging thing is new for me. I think that in life it takes all of us some time to learn new things.

See you soon,