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Why I stopped blogging...
Some pictures from Quilt Market

Surprises come on the mail...

I never thought that the surprises that were coming on the mail also had the form of an envelope. The other day came the mail. There was one envelope directed to me. When I opened it, it said: "You have been selected to spend 4 days with the most beautiful husband of the world in the pretty beaches of the Bahamas. There were a few photos of the hotel; below was a signature-Walter Bravo. And I started crying, but of happiness! 

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What a luck that I have of being married for 23 years with this wonderful man! We took the plane on a Wednesday and we returned on Sunday night. The place was perfect, a hotel chain like Club Med " all inclusive," called Riu.

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I really encourage you to go there. It is excellent! We relaxed every single day, thrown on lounge chairs --by the way we didn't have any vacations during this year. We didn't do anything!

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I read a lot, we made plans and new projects for the company. I felt very happy and with the "batteries charged" to return and to keep on working. Here I show you some of the photos that I took. I hope that they can show you how beautiful this place is!