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Some pictures from Quilt Market

You know, not long ago we returned from Quilt Market. For the ones who are not quilters, it is an event that is held two times a year for the wholesale textile industry and where quilting and sewing shop owners can see the latest collections from every company, trends, notions, patterns, and everything in between. 


To make a booth looks its best is not an easy task. We always want it to look like a boutique (although the show is only for 3 days) so shop owners can see all the pretty things that we have to offer, and they can show them to you later on at the quilt store.


Some of our new samples

IMG_2588 web 

My husband Walter helping costumers choose some fabrics...

I felt happy to return after so many days because I missed my son sooooo much (yes, I know, I still feel like a "mother hen", even Alex is 19 now), and my dog who is my adoration also.


I am here with some of my quilt samples


This is a new top made by Indigo Junction... I love this pattern!

We returned driving and it took us 22 hours to get to Miami. We came back tired but happy. It was great! Shop owners loved the new collections and they were saying that they could not wait to having them at the stores.


We handled these postcard to show our newest collections for this show. BOTANICA and REVIVE (here) are two of them.

BOTANICA will be available in stores in January, and REVIVE in February. I can't wait to hear what quilters say about them!!

Handmade rocks! so keep stitching...        Patricia