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HAPPY 2009!!



For those of us who celebrate these Holidays (it doesn't matter to what religion we belong), we immerse ourselves in a period of reflection. A period of withdrawal, of contemplation, where we start thinking everything we go through during the year, and what the next one will bring to us. Sometimes we think why "this thing" happened instead of "that one". As always, I think that God is present in every thing that we do, in every decision that we take, and in every situation that is presented us EVERYDAY, either we see it or we don't. What happens is that sometimes we wait for these days to look for Him. We sometimes complaint instead of being grateful. And it happens to all of us.

I want to tell you that I'm grateful for everything that I have and that happen in my life. Grateful of my family, for having the most wonderful husband of the world, for being able to be next to him after 23 years. I'm grateful for having also the best son of the world, honest and with a noble heart, whom although is my only one, I feel he is worth thousands! I'm grateful for having my alive and vivacious mother with 81 years, and to be able to enjoy her, for having a sister as none, for me the greatest! I'm grateful for my work, of being able to work at what I really love, and what is more important, of being able to share it with all of you! Of new friends that I'm able to make in this industry -or, as I like to call it, this family- everyday. That, although often many barriers block my way -like a different language, or not have been born here-, I put my heart and all my love to overcome them.

What also happen to many of us, is that we wait until the last days to do our New Year's resolutions, thinking that we are going to feel more forceful this way. I propose not to wait that much, that the whole year we promise ourselves new challenges, to overcome new goals, in the process of being better. We can always give ourselves a new opportunity, not only the first one. It is always a good day to begin something new, more positive or different. Moreover in these moments of economic anxiety, we always know that everything will be better "one" certain day in the future. And we take refuge and value much more everything that we do "homemade". Homemade, even if it's not that expensive or impressive as store-bought, is more expensive and impressive in the heart of the person who receive it. It's something that it's made with LOVE. 


With these thoughts, I always wonder how many possibilities can have the human being of being better everyday. From Art Gallery Fabrics, I want to wish you always the very best, happiness in your soul and peace in your hearts. Always.


Handmade rocks! So keep on stitching...