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Some pictures from Quilt Market

Baby products... with attitude

From some time on, I've been seeing a change of style in designs for babies. The age of pale rose and pale blue, small and tiny flowers, as well as tenuous combinations are facing out. Now, baby's products have attitude!


And I really like that! It's true that time brings changes, and as a result there's a change in fashion but, how nice is to renew ourselves! What do you think about babies wearing these colors: chocolate, turquoise, coral and other colors earlier thought-out?


Following this idea, I asked one of my Etsy's favorite designers, Robin, from Little Mister&Sister to make some baby's designs with my fabrics. She is a great designer and she has some of the prettiest products that I've seen. And how about the color combinations that she uses?...they are gorgeous! These are a few words that I am quoting from her profile .. "I absolutely love creating baby items and I finally decided to begin selling them directly to other moms and family members who love baby goodies as much as I do".


The combination between fabrics and designs had a great success at the show, our clients loved them. Here are some pictures of the set she made with my fabrics from the Alhambra Collection. What do you think about them?

This set consists of a beautiful bag, a coordinating lined diaper wipes case, 2 bibs, a burp cloth, and a well-sized blanket.


I see the same change on Bedding Sets as well (but I will post about this soon). The latest designs among textile companies are bold and brilliant. Many pediatricians and psychologists are reinforcing the idea that using these colors can stimulate the senses and the learning process of the babies.

Wow!... All the things we can learn about colors!


Handmade rocks! so keep stitching...        Patricia